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Feeling Low? Reach for the Hi-Fi
August 22, 2012, 6:00 am
Filed under: Life, Music

There’s a channel on satellite radio, called Escape. I’m not sure what genre of music this would be considered, but I find it very soothing. I wouldn’t classify it exactly as ‘muzak’ though. I’d describe it as very Stepford Wives meets 70’s dentist’s waiting room. It might even be considered Lawrence Welk-esque, but since I haven’t seen the show since the 70’s, I’m not really sure.

I remember falling in love with the sound, back around the mid 90’s, when I would buy old, used records at thrift stores and used book stores. I bought them for the covers and eventually ended up actually listening to them and liking what I heard. I learned to love the likes of Henry Mancini, Ray Conniff and Jackie Gleason and His Orchestra. All I know is that all the covers are very great, very Hi-Fi-licious and definitely the end of an era. Continue reading