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July 3, 2012, 6:00 am
Filed under: Idiocracy

There’s never a shortage of what I refer to as autotards, where I live. I have the car dings, chips and paint smears on both the driver side AND passenger side to prove it. I find it amazing that it’s so fuckin’ common. I can’t remember the last time I EVER made contact with another person’s car, when getting out of mine. If it were perpetually windy with random gusts of mad wind, I might understand… but it’s not. Perfect example of an autotard.

And speaking of, check out this dingleberry. I don’t even need to expound on it. It’s times like this that I wish I had the power to make the offending vehicle implode and just *poof* disappear (preferably with the autotard inside). You know that scene towards the end of Poltergeist, where the entire house crumples into itself like a piece of wadded-up paper? Like that.

Then there’s this autotard. Let me explain the situation, so that you can visualize it: The truck shown here, is parked in front of a house that is positioned at a 3-way stop, ON A CURVE. This is a two-way street, with only TWO lanes (one headed east, one west). I can’t tell you how many times these retards park in front of the house, IN THE STREET, ON A CURVE!! When this happens, you are forced to cross over the huge domed road bumps, into the oncoming lane, when they could EASILY park a few feet up, around the corner and OFF the main street! The house next door to them does the same fuckin’ thing. And here’s the gasser… they have HUGE, LONG driveways!! Why-the-fuck wouldn’t you simply park THERE?! Oh my god! It’s fuckin’ ridiculous! It never ends. I would LOVE to see one of the vehicles mentioned get fuckin’ CREAMED… but then again, these people are such inconsiderate MORONS, I don’t think it would change anything. They’re hardwired ‘tards through and through. *sigh* Color me frustrated.

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