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Think Pink
June 27, 2012, 1:00 pm
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Okay, I did it. I made the Pillsbury Pink Lemonade cake I bought a week ago! First off, the batter smells friggin’ DELICIOUS; just like pink lemonade. However, when I tasted it, to check for tartness, it just wasn’t there. Sweet, yes, tart, no. I’ve read several online reviews saying that the cake was the perfect combination of the two. I don’t know what cake they were eating, but it wasn’t this one. Then I thought ‘Oh, I bet the tartness is in the icing!’ Uh, no. No it wasn’t. Again, it smells delectable, but tart it was not. However, this was easily remedied.

I made a quick trip to the grocery store and picked up a few lemons. I added the juice of half a large lemon to the frosting (any more and I think it would have made the icing too thin to spread). And you know what? It totally worked. NOW it’s the perfect blend of sweet and tart! And since it’s summertime and hot-as-hell outside, I opted to refrigerate this cake (I normally don’t refrigerate my cakes). Personally, I think it’s even more delicious chilled.

I used an 8×8 square cake pan and still had enough batter left to make 4-5 cupcakes. Looking at the back of the box, it shows two 8×8 ROUND cake pans, so I suppose I could have done TWO (however thin) layers of cake, but this made more sense to me.

All in all, I’d definitely recommend this cake. Heck, you may even wanna try squeezing some lemon into the mix (I’m gonna try this next time)!