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June 25, 2012, 6:00 am
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Starbucks Pink Lime Frozt
Comments: I had one of these over the weekend and REALLY loved it. It was 100º outside and this was a nice, cool, refreshing, crisp alternative to Starbucks other cold offerings (I’m not a big ‘iced coffee’ fan). I read a review of it on someone else’s blog and they were overly dramatic (not to mention overly exaggerated) about it being “too sweet” and the color was more to the liking of child than an adult. To that I have to say: whatever. Perhaps the one they had was made by someone heavy-handed on the syrup, but mine was just right. I would hardly use the word ‘sweet’ to describe it. It was just crisp and refreshing. As for the color, well, they also make a ‘Cocoanut Lime’ version that is white if you’re too big of a lightweight to be seen drinking something pink. Perhaps you could order the pink version and keep your hands wrapped tightly around your cup (eyeroll). Whatever the case, I highly recommend it. I definitely see more Frozts in my future… however long they last!

Recycled Juice Labels Coin Pouch
Comments: I met a friend for lunch over the weekend, and after lunch we browsed around Barnes & Noble. There was a lot of clearance items on tables near the front of the store, and this was one of those items. Can you believe it was just $3.47?! Crazy! My old coin pouch (read wallet) was worn OUT, so this came along just in time! I wish they would have had more, I totally would’ve bought them (I use a lot of small, zippered pouches for various items).

Sprout Bookmarks
Comments: When I saw these, I had to have them. They’re 6 silicone bookmarks that look like leaf sprouts. They’re made by Fred and I picked them up at Francesca’s recently. You can ‘sprout’ it inside or at the top of your book. Too clever. I just love them!