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Duggar Derp
February 21, 2012, 6:00 am
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*SIGH* Alright, I’ve been putting this off since before Christmas. I was initially going to title this post “Well, Kiss THAT Christmas Special Goodbye”. I chose this title because The Duggars used 2010’s holiday season to exploit their latest suckling. They were geared up to do the same last year, but, unfortunately (?) that baby didn’t make it. I put a question mark after unfortunately because maybe it was divine intervention; that baby dodged a huge, kooky bullet. Unfortunately, the public didn’t. Which brings me to this post: the exploitation of the stillborn fetus. Yes, you read correctly. Now you know why I couldn’t bring myself to post this around Christmastime. It’s both a downer on SO many levels (and those levels have sub-levels) and just a whole new plateau of ignorant.

Just an FYI before you make the jump, these pictures were pixelated on SO many sites, though I don’t find them all that shocking. However, I do find the fact that they were taken at all, much less exploited in such a gruesome way, somewhat shocking. Thanks for nuthin’, reality TV. Apparently this wasn’t enough to make the producers over at “The Learning Channel” (what exactly are we “learning” from this show?) head for the hills, since, according to IMDB, the show is heading into its 9th season. I’m all out of words to even talk about how tactless and sad this all is. Apparently “religion” can mask anything. *sigh* Train. Wreck. Continue reading