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February 15, 2012, 6:00 am
Filed under: Digital Photos, Humor, Idiocracy

A friend sent me this via text. It was a warning from her new mini helicopter toy:

And this next one just made me laugh when I saw it on the shelf in the grocery store. “40% More Food”…as opposed to 40% more what, turtles? Duh, of course it’s FOOD!

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Ha! That is awesome. The first one is silly. The second one makes you wonder, “What the hell?”

Comment by twoveganboys

Yeah, I loved the first one. Definitely something you would see over at Lol!

The second one, yeah, I dunno about that one. I have a feeling we’re ushering in a whole new generation of morons. Too much pandering to the cerebrally-challenged. *sigh*

Comment by kirkkitsch

I agree. I was just mentioning to Josh the other day, “When did it become okay to have bad grammar?” I know I do on occasion, because I can’t type as fast as I am thinking. The language today, the slang, the ghetto speak as some may call it, is getting ridiculous. I think we are raising a generation of morons. Who needs cursive writing or typing, when you can just text and use the language you learned watching ‘Jersey Shore;. Ugh.

Comment by twoveganboys

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