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January 26, 2012, 6:00 am
Filed under: Pop Culture, Technology

Okay, I’ve had a Pinterest account for a while now, but until recently it was just a passing fancy that I would randomly check in on whenever I thought about it. HOWEVER, with everyone at work talking about it, I decided to play with it a little more. I initially just had one folder labeled ‘Eyecandy’, that I pinned everything into. Then everyone was telling me that THEY had theirs categorized by folder…so I created MORE folders and got organized. Then I added a few more pins, as I thought of things…then I saw some things others had pinned and I ‘repinned’ those…then I lost all control and now it is consuming my every waking moment!! LOL! But seriously, it is deliciously wicked (that sounded super-queer, didn’t it? I just heard it in my mind and thought “God, Kirk, that sounds so fruity”). It’s true though! ‘Delicious’ in the sense that I LOVE imagery and ‘wicked’ in the sense that it consumes me for hours at a time, as I think of more and more things. Continue reading