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Hong Kong Chewy
January 19, 2012, 6:00 am
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A few weeks ago I visited one of my favorite stores: Hong Kong Supermarket. I love going there because I LOVE looking at just about everything, especially the packaging design; it’s all so colorful and fun. I stocked up on my favorite Japanese udon noodles (like Ramen, but better!) and cappuccino pocky (Japanese snack cookie) and even bought some new rice bowls with koi on them and a package of orange plastic chopsticks. As always, I brought my camera and snapped a few photos as well.

The supermarket is housed inside a mall. The mall and its stores are primarily Asian. It’s like any other mall you’ve been to, as it has a music store, food court (tofu, eggrolls, American, bistros, etc.), bank, bakery, gift shops, etc. At one of the gift shops (think dollar store on acid) I bought this adorable ceramic bobblehead dog. He’s a little under 3″ high and was just too adorable to pass up! I’m not an avid bobblehead buyer, but I do like some. It really depends on what it looks like, and this one was a keeper!

As you know, I am far from a health nut, but I did take notice of the sodium content on some of the packaged Ramen/Udon-type noodles (there are a TON of flavors!). I’m pretty used to seeing anywhere from 450-850 on SO many things (both American and Asian), but when I saw “1750-1850” grams of sodium on some of the packages of noodles, it blew my friggin’ mind!! OMG, can you even imagine? Insane! I mentioned to a friend that I didn’t see how Asian people could eat this stuff on a regular basis and he just shrugged and said that they don’t. Um, okay. They just sell it here and I don’t see hoards of Americans beating a path to it. SOMEONE is eating it. Whatever the case, the sodium content was bananas. Just thought it was interesting. And for the record, the noodles I buy do NOT have that high a level of sodium + I keep them on hand when there is nothing else in the house and/or I am in the mood for some. If I ate them every day my heart would implode. LOL!

[1] Front of the store/mall entrance
[2] Stone Fu Dog that flanks either side of the entrance
[3] Ginormous statue in the main entrance (they change out with each New Year)
[4] Cap’n Salty frozen fish: Found this in the frozen food aisle. Cracked me up. Loved it
[5] Squid jerky. LOVE the packaging, and as you know, all things squid and/or octopus. Am NOT a fan of the contents. Blech
[6] “Sliming” Tea. This cracked me up. Made me think of Ghostbusters. What a difference a letter makes, huh?
[7] Kikiriki Drumstix: “Kikiriki” means cock-a-doodle-doo. These are basically fried chicken-flavored crackers. I dunno if they are any good, but they just might be. I just fell in love with the chicken on the package. Cute

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