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Who Needs a Hardened Skeletal System Anyway?
November 9, 2011, 6:00 am
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Like, O M G! A friend of mine recently sent me a link to an article about how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are expecting baby #20. Well, I was so excited about the blessed event that I took it upon myself to send Michelle a congratulatory e-mail (even though computers are nothing more than devil boxes!). Well, one of her kids who’s been giving the job of E-Mail Intermediary, secretly confided in me that though Michelle, is only 4 months pregnant (the original due date was slated for April), she has secretly given birth prematurely and…IT’S A GIRL! Say hello to Josiphiajojobajushabhesedjambajuicejehoshaphat. “Baby Jo” for short. She’s got Jim Bob’s eyes. Exclusive first photo after the jump!

Here’s to 20 more!!

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Ha! I almost spit my water across the room reading this. Awesome!

Comment by Krys

Thanks! Glad you made you laugh. LOL! Oy!

Comment by kirkkitsch

I feel like it’s extremely irresponsible to have that many kids…and especially to rely on your kids to take care of your other kids. I was trying to say that to some members of my family the other night, and it was like they didn’t understand what I meant. It’s not fair that your older kids can’t have normal lives because they are busy playing mommy to kids that you can’t take care of because you’re too busy performing for the cameras. I know some people who think that it is irresponsible to have kids at all because there are so many deprived kids that need homes already. While I don’t agree with that statement 100%, 20 kids is really pushing it.

Comment by Suzanne

Amen, sistah! But seriously, having grown up watching the likes of The Brady Bunch and Eight is Enough, *tha*t didn’t really phase me. Then along comes fertility drugs and wackos like The Duggars. All the forums seem to be focusing on the whole “welfare” angle, which isn’t relevant, as pertaining to the Duggars…if I remember correctly (yes, I admit I’ve seen episodes of their soul-sucking shows on TLC and NetFlix. Call it morbid curiosity).

HOWEVER, you hit the nail on the head when you talk about it not being fair to deprive children of their childhoods because they are busy taking care of mommy and daddy’s mess. I know people who have had to do this and whether they want to admit it or not, there HAS to be some resentment there, not to mention it probably is a key factor in them not wanting children (why would they? they’ve already involuntarily experienced parenthood!!).

THEN there’s the common sense (you’d think!) issue of the baby’s health. But then, having watched their show, that’s already been figured out: Shop around until you find a doctor who will give you the thumbs up any time, every time. Sure, the last one was the size of a Hot Pocket, but there’s media (and Jesus) to appease.

And the scariest thing I think I saw, was the number of people in the various forum discussions who stared forward, glassy-eyed and spewed forth scripture-licious kudos. Fuckin’ SCARY!

One commenter, amongst the “miracle” comments, had this to say: “How about you bolt your knees together and close up shop? Then if you have another baby, THEN it will be a ‘miracle’.” No shit. These people obviously have a screw loose somewhere and the sad part is the number of people out there using God to justify it. Pathetic.

Thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

Comment by kirkkitsch

Another show run by the fine TLC channel that drives me nuts is, “Sister Wives”. That show freaks me out as well. TLC is becoming the Maury Povich(spelling) of cable tv. Grrrr!

Comment by twoveganboys

Oh no. Why’d you have to tell me about that? LOL! I’d heard of it, but just assumed it was about sisters who got married and TLC followed their exploits. I didn’t know it was basically a real-life version of HBO’s ‘Big Love’. Oy! I tried to watch that show, but it just annoyed me way too much, even if it is fictional, I know there’s real hillbillies (like the douche on ‘Sister Wives’) out there doing it. Can you imagine if gay men did that? They’d just be called W H O R E S. Gee. Polygamy is just another word for entitled sex addict.

Thanks for commenting…I think (LOL!) 😉

P.s. What exactly is it we’re “learning” from these whitetrash reality shows on TLC anyway? They should change their name to something more fitting. I think “learning” flew out the window when they started whoring themselves out for ratings. Example: Sarah Palin’s Alaska, anyone? Puhlease! That hillbilly’s in good company.

Comment by kirkkitsch

Oh lord, I had no idea that Sister Wives was on Netflix until I figured it out from your last post…just starting episode 1. LOL. I think I’ve found a good use for it though. I am in a bad funk right now, and it might make me feel better to watch a season or two while eating ice cream tonight.

Comment by Suzanne

I think watching any reality show on TLC just makes us feel better about ourselves. They have the most f-cked up reality shows. Don’t get me started on the pageants for kids. Geesh!

Comment by twoveganboys

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