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Foodiephile XI
September 27, 2011, 6:00 am
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Wow. I haven’t done a ‘Foodiephile‘ post since July of last year! I knew some of these pictures were old, but I didn’t realize HOW OLD! Although some of these date back to August of last year, old or not, everything was delicious!

– Original Tart yogurt from YoBerry, topped with crushed Heath bar
– Cheeseburger from Fabulous 50’s, B.C. (Before Chinese people bought out this franchise and totally fucked it up. Haven’t been back since.)
– Pumpkin scone and unsweetened, Passion Fruit iced tea from Starbucks
– My first attempt at ‘homemade’ chili. It turned out pretty good. I prefer my chili thick, compared to watery
– Chocolate Silk pie from my maiden voyage to the Market Diner
– Spaghetti & meat sauce with garlic bread from Iron Skillet (I think)
– Slice of sausage pizza from New York Joe’s
– Shrimp burritos & rice from my maiden voyage to Fuzzy’s Tacos with my friend, Suzanne
– Grapefruit Ice and Daiquiri Ice from Baskin Robbins
– Chicken bacon sub from Quiznos
– My friend Suzanne’s sandwich and side of pasta salad from Spiral Diner
– Hot dog and soda from IKEA
– Vanilla/chocolate soft serve from Fabulous 50’s (B.C.)
– Two tacos and a chilada from my favorite taco place, Taco Casa
– Sub sandwich from…I forget
– Breakfast at Jay Jay Cafe, near my house
– Pineapple Tart yogurt, topped with Fruity Pebbles from YoBerry
– Lemon cake from Creme de la Creme
Rice Krispy treat from Fuddrucker’s, this was Christmas Eve. I remember because P called me for the first time in months (‘nother tantrum) and I was shocked he initiated something.
– General Tsao’s Shrimp from Royal China (THE best)
– Tuna salad sandwich from Market Diner
– Pizza from Mamma’s Pizza
– Apple Turnover from Arby’s
– Dinner of homemade chicken soup at my neighbor’s house. SO good!! Seriously.
– Shrimp, fried okra and garlic mashed potatoes at Jay Jay Cafe
– My Lime Jarrito soda from Fuzzy’s Tacos
– BLT from I forget where
– Kolache and donuts with P at Shipley’s Donuts
– Chili dogs from Burger Basket and Grill
– Chili (think they gave me enough hot sauce? Geez! I don’t even ask for it any more, since I can’t even taste the difference) and a Coke from Wendy’s
– Shrimp and okra from Captain D’s
– Wonton soup from Royal Panda
– Pepperoni pizza from Mama’s Pizza
– Sub from Atomic Cafe
– Double scoop of rainbow sherbet from Baskin Robbins
– THE best chicken salad sandwich and cup of tortilla soup, from my maiden voyage to Neiman Marcus’ diner
– Pumpkin scone from Starbucks
– Orange chicken and chow mein from Panda Express
– Chicken strips and fries from Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits
– Original Tart yogurt, topped with fresh blackberries from my maiden voyage to Pinkberry
– Cucumber sandwich from Spiral Diner
– Breakfast at Jay Jay Cafe
– Hawaiian pizza and salad from New York Joe’s
– Onion rings from Fabulous 50’s (B.C.)
– My friend April’s meatloaf, dressing and green beans from Dixie House Cafe
– Spicy shrimp, chow mein and chicken from Mandarin Chinese Buffet
– Sandwich from Schlotzsky’s
– General Tsao’s Shrimp from Royal China
– Chicken fried steak, dressing and mashed taters from Dixie House Cafe
– Dinner at a friend’s house (I made the garlic bread)
– Hamburger and fries from…I forget
– Bavarian Raspberry cake (this was a friend’s, not mine…I’m not a big raspberry fan), from Creme de la Creme
– Sub and fries from Atomic Cafe
– The end of my chocolate silk pie from Market Diner 🙂

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