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Grindr: Freaks
September 16, 2011, 6:00 am
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Okay, okay. Maybe ‘Freaks’ is a little harsh. Let’s just say ‘Weirdos’ and keep it at that. As weird as it may sound, I take into consideration the BACKGROUNDS in photos, more than the person. At least at first. These, as far as I’m concerned, are red flags:

– Photo taken in a public restroom
– Faceless, shirtless torsos (closet cases or married…to a woman)
– Bars; this includes holding an alcoholic beverage ANYWHERE
– Cheap apartments, bad decor/artwork, etc.
– Hotel/motel rooms
– Work cubicle
– Gym
– Gay cruise, parade, event

So, here they are. Hope you’re not prone to nightmares.

• Makes me think of a newborn bird.
• Yuck. That pretty much sums it up. I have no idea what the whole armpit fetish is all about amongst the gay freaks, but it’s not uncommon. I don’t get it.
• Hey, Vern! I want to draw lines coming straight down from each corner of his mouth and have him sit on someone’s knee.
• When I see this picture, two things come to mind: (1) serial killer, and (2) that low, guttural sound Lurch would make on The Addams Family.
• *sigh* This is the epitome of Tejano cowboy drag. The eyeliner makes me cringe and all I can think when I see this picture is: halitosis.
• Freak with a capital ‘F’. Look at those nibblet teeth. I hear the garbled ‘Ai ya ai ya yayayaya yinh yunh yinh yinh’ sound that freakshow little doll made in Trilogy of Terror.
• Yikes. Can see this one emerging from the darkness like Michael Myers.
• This one looks like he’s been rode hard and put up wet, as my mother would say.
• He just wants to smell you. Nothing weird about that, right? Right? *cue human-shaped cloud of smoke and sound of door shutting behind you*
• Stink.
• Porn star or kiddie fiddler. You decide.
• Kill it with fire before it replicates!

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Your character definitions are right on and crack me the fuck up!

Comment by sarafenix

Thank you! I’m glad I’m cracking someone up besides myself. I never know when it’s “too mean”…but then that’s why it’s my blog; I don’t care. LOL!

Comment by kirkkitsch

I love your description of the cast of characters. One of them reminds me of Buffalo Bill from ‘Silence of the Lambs’. “Precious! Precious! Don’t hurt my dog.” Que Lazarus (the song Goodbye Horses). Yowza!

Comment by twoveganboys

Thanks, Krys! Oh man, I totally got a visual when you mentioned the song by Lazarus. LMAO! Oh god, the scary part, is I’m still collecting more freakshows. It’s like Ruffles, I can’t stop at just one. LMAO! Wait’ll you see my Clockwork Orange guy. Yeesh

Comment by kirkkitsch

I love your descriptions too! The first one reminds me of Mr. Peepers the monkey-boy on Saturday Night Live. When I saw no. 4, I thought serial killer too!

Comment by Cindi

Thank you, Cindi! I’m glad you enjoyed them. I love YOUR Mr. Peepers observation. LMAO! Totally hit the nail on the head!! I couldn’t think of any pop culture reference for him at the time, but that’s perfect. LOL! As for #4, I ‘think” I may have a new, focused (if you thought “yikes” now, just wait!) picture of him. I’m not 100% positive, but I think he posted a new picture. One word: terrifying. I’ll post more as I gather enough to substantiate a post.

Comment by kirkkitsch

There’re many apps like Grindr… Zenkiu ( it’s more powerful as features alerts by proximity, or GayBox has a wonderful interface with many options… Imho Grindr was, maybe, the 1st, but it shouldn’t be used as a “reference” app as many other are, at this moment, better or, at least, more convenient to use.

Comment by carlos

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