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Grindr: Freaks
September 16, 2011, 6:00 am
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Okay, okay. Maybe ‘Freaks’ is a little harsh. Let’s just say ‘Weirdos’ and keep it at that. As weird as it may sound, I take into consideration the BACKGROUNDS in photos, more than the person. At least at first. These, as far as I’m concerned, are red flags:

– Photo taken in a public restroom
– Faceless, shirtless torsos (closet cases or married…to a woman)
– Bars; this includes holding an alcoholic beverage ANYWHERE
– Cheap apartments, bad decor/artwork, etc.
– Hotel/motel rooms
– Work cubicle
– Gym
– Gay cruise, parade, event

So, here they are. Hope you’re not prone to nightmares. Continue reading