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I’m Not High, But…
September 9, 2011, 6:00 pm
Filed under: Life

More recent fleeting thoughts…

While leaving the parking lot of the grocery store, I see THE perfect parking space, right up front, EMPTY. And as I’m leaving, I still think, for a brief moment: “That makes me want to park there…even though I’ve already bought my groceries…what’s THAT about?” *pause* “It’s about Winning, Kirk. It’s about Winning.”

On the drive home, there is a Mexican guy mowing the grass near the curb’s edge, facing the road. He needs to get around a street sign, but pauses for me to drive by first. My interior dialogue kicks in, and in a heavy Spanish accent, I say “Don’t heet me! Donnn’t heet me!” To which I reply “But I WANT to heet you!” to which he replies “Noooawww!”*

* “No” said in a Spanish accent.