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It’s In the Cards
June 22, 2011, 6:00 am
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I recently visited one of my favorite stores, Curiosities, in Dallas. They have the best stuff and everything is arranged just so. It’s beautiful (imo). I’ll post my pictures later. In the meantime, here are a few of the cards I bought while I was there. They have random drawers filled with random decks of cards. I’m not sure from which game these particular cards are from, but I thought they were beautiful. I’d love to own the deck in its entirety. In addition, I also bought 3 other random cards that I liked. I definitely recognize the ‘Wacky Witch’ from a vintage Old Maid card game. Not sure where ‘9’ or ‘Jinx’ came from, but I loved the graphics.

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Dear Kirk,
Erik gave me your blog address so I could see how to set it up. I love this story! If I find any interesting cards on my journies I’ll pick them up for you, and mail them to Erik’s po box.
My blog 1 post so far, is called vintageandthebitch . Good weekend! Loretta

Comment by missvale

Hi Loretta!
I’m happy you found this post interesting and appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thanks in advance for thinking of me (in regards to cards…hey, that rhymes!) and thanks for dropping by.

Best of luck with your blog! It can be a great way to get things outta your head and off your chest.:)

Comment by kirkkitsch

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