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Oscars Schmoscars, Bring On the Tuxedo-Clad Mancandy!
February 28, 2011, 6:00 am
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First off, I must say that I am not an awards ceremony fan. Be it the Oscars (the gays Super Bowl equivalent), Golden Globes, Emmy’s, Grammy’s, etc. Just not interested. Never was. Okay, I take that back. I did enjoy the MTV Music Awards from 1984-1990 (the year Madonna performed ‘Vogue‘ a la Marie Antoinette), but that was about it.

However, I DO like seeing pictures of the celebrities dressed up and trying to guess who will win what. Last night I guessed 16 correct (9 wrong…Alice in Wonderland won ‘Best Costume’? Fucking AWFUL). Personally, I was SO excited that that dingleberry Jesse Eisenberg didn’t win anything. He’s an idiot who got lucky. In an interview, Eisenberg said he didn’t even meet or talk with the real Zuckerberg, nor did he do much research during filming. It’s like that time Anne Heche was in the “re-imagining” of Psycho and admitted to never having seen the original. WTF? Smooth move, Ex-Lax. And as for Facebook: The Movie (AKA The Social Network), I have zero interest. I don’t even wanna try and give it a chance because I know I can’t sit through another one of his “quirky” stuttering twitchfests. He’s definitely a Gen Duh product that ‘speaks’ to their generation. They can have him. He’s a one trick pony.

As for the rest of the fair that was nominated, meh. The only movies I was interested in were: The Illusionist (which SHOULD have won Best Animated, instead of that Disney shit they keep cranking out), The Fighter (Mark Wahlberg shirtless), Black Swan (which I saw and LOVED) and 127 Hours (which looks nerve wracking!…plus, I like Franco.

And last, but not least, here are a few photos from the 2011 Oscars that I found swoon-worthy. I was gonna ask you who ‘Armie Hammer‘ was and where he’s been all my life…then I looked him up on IMDB…and he was in Social Network. *sigh* Oh well, he’s still pretty eyecandy and hes 6’5″?! Nice! Then there’s Jude and Robert and Jake (oh my!). Damn.


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It’s fitting that you put two pictures of Armie Hammer up there because he plays twins in the movie.

We had seen your posts on The Social Network on facebook, and we guessed that you hadn’t seen it by what you had written, which is fine. It’s your choice if you want to or not, and I understand why you wouldn’t. But, based on what you say, it’s obvious that you haven’t seen it yet.

Comment by Suzanne

Ooh, twins. Nice. He’s bootiful. I’d never seen him before this.

Nope, you’re right, I haven’t seen ‘The Social Network.’ Though I did like it the first time I saw it, back in 1999, when it was called ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley.’ LOL!

Comment by kirkkitsch

Hah! I forgot about that movie. Good one:)

Comment by Suzanne

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