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FREE Movie Rentals
February 22, 2011, 6:00 am
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A few days ago, just for kicks, I GoogledRedbox codes”, looking for potentially FREE Redbox rental codes; like the ones I bought via Groupon and/or the ones that came free inside a box of Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn.

Well, I struck rental gold and found out a few things in the process:

• Rental codes can be used more than once, IF you use different credit/debit cards.
• With all the online sites, you may never have to pay for a Redbox rental ever again!
• A surefire way to make sure you have the codes when you need them; do what I do- store them on your cellphone’s ‘notepad’ app!

I attempted to sign up for a free membership with one of the more promising Redbox codes sites (Inside Redbox), but after filling out the new account info and sending it in (electronically, via their site), I was informed that they are “not currently accepting new member applications.” Too bad they didn’t tell me this BEFORE I gave them my info. Whatever. So, if you got an e-mail from me, telling you about the site, sorry. Don’t bother.

HOWEVER, you can still get the codes without joining, by clicking on the ‘Redbox Codes‘ tab and scrolling down. Each code is color coded: Green= Working Great/ Yellow= Possible, etc. I used “BREAKROOM” last night to rent something I’d rather not pay for…Vampires Suck (review coming).

In addition to Inside Redbox, there are plenty of other sites that offer similar information, so just GoogleRedbox codes.” For example: Coupon Dad. One code in particular is only valid this Thursday (February 24): KX3KDMZ

So get out there and rent some free movies! It’s a great way to experiment with titles you may not be certain about!

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