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February 21, 2011, 6:00 am
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The New York Ripper– A friend of mine burned me a copy of this DVD, AGES ago, and I finally got up the courage to watch it…well, 45 minutes of it.

First off, I should tell you that I’ve never been a big fan of Italian horror. Maybe I’m not ‘hardcore’ enough, but I’m not sure what “cinematic/artistic” elements people who love Italian horror (or ‘Giallos‘) are seeing, but, to me, it’s just gore & nudity for gore & nudity’s sake. Nothing masterfully cinematic going on there. Granted, the audio (music) may be inspired, but the visuals aren’t (IMO).

So, having wanted to see this thing (out of curiosity), yet apprehensive because I’ve liked so few Italian horror films, I was finally in the right frame of mind to watch it; I didn’t like it. I enjoyed the fact that it was an 80’s-era slasher, but what I saw just seemed disjointed and muddled. The music was straight out of a 70’s cop TV show,the characters were uninteresting (as hard as the director tried to make them “quirky”) and the murders just went on too long (again, for gore’s sake). Boring. Uninspired. Don’t waste your time.
It’s Kind of a Funny Story– Though I’ve OD’ed on Zach Galifianakis’ generic wasteland if what seems to be passing for humor these days, the trailer for this movie seemed interesting. The trailer had that ‘hipster meets the real world’-feel that has almost become a genre unto itself. You know, movies like Garden State, Elizabethtown, Thumbsucker, etc., where attractive/pseudo-eccentric young Hollywood meets alternative, folksy soundtrack, where said youngsters encounter, overcome and/or embrace their problems/issues.

Anyway, I really liked the movie…though it was bittersweet. “Bittersweet” because it kinda got to me, as its premise is that of a guy who checks himself into a psychiatric ward because he can no longer control his suicidal feelings. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I did something very similar, 20 years ago, so watching the movie was a little too real for me (sans the superfluous ‘love story’). Needless to say, I was mesmerized. I could totally relate to him, once checking himself in, then seeing the extent of the surrounding patient’s problems, feeling overwhelmed, like he was in the wrong place; his “problems” paling in comparison.

The movie and its characters unfold at a fast enough pace that you never really have the time to get bogged down by the drama. You get sucked into the patients and their lives, and genuinely want to see something good come of their experience. “Good” being a relative term. Personally, I loved the movie and would definitely add it to my DVD collection. Recommend!

Family Guy: It’s a Trap!– Wow. Awful. I’d heard that this third installment in the Family Guy meets Star Wars trilogy was weak, and boy they weren’t kidding. It’s a bad omen when even the opening credits warn you that the people behind it weren’t even interested in doing it (thanks to the studio bigwig’s greed). I would have been furious if I’d paid full-price for this dreck. As much as I enjoy Family Guy, as a mindless escape into pop culture, I’ve simply grown weary of their overpriced approach to DVD releases (the “movies” and “lost episode”-routine, that costs the same as a full-length movie! Outrageous!). It’s an insult to the fans. It’s these half-ass efforts, combined with oblivious greed that’s going to be the downfall of this once-comically irreverent series.
Mean Girls 2– Again…wow. So awful. Don’t get me wrong, I knew going in that it wasn’t going to be high-art. I mean, even I rolled my eyes and said “Whatever!” when I first saw the trailer for this unnecessary installment (read ‘franchise’). BUT, I like escapist fluff as much as the next person, and was in the mood for some, what passes as ‘teen comedy’ these days.

First off, the acting is atrocious. Secondly, you can see the storyline from a mile away. Thirdly (thirdly?), the casting is uninspired. What, has Hollywood already run out of attractive teen girls and hunky teen boys? Seriously? Since when? After watching this made-for-TV-movie-esque drivel, while watching the credits, I saw that it was directed by ‘Melanie Mayron.’ I was like “Melanie Mayron. Melanie M-ay-ron. Why does that name sound so familiar? Where have I heard that before?” So, I looked her up on IMDB and instantly knew who she was. I LOVE Melanie Mayron (as an actress)! She’s in one of my favorite 80’s movies: Sticky Fingers! *squeal* Apparently, she has A LOT of directing under her belt…all television (and two movies). This came as no surprise.

Poor Tim Meadows, one of the only recognizable faces here (he also played the principal in the original Mean Girls), is poorly put to use. I don’t blame him though; he had NOTHING to work with. If you saw him in the Strangers With Candy episode, Let Freedom Ring, then you know he’s capable of funny. In this dreck, he’s been reduced to unfunny antics and even unfunnier dialogue. Tim Meadows couldn’t have saved this movie if he wanted to. Sheer awfulness. A perfect example of a ‘franchise’ that didn’t need or want to happen. Avoid like the plague.
You Again– As you probably already know, I OD’ed on Betty White’s “comeback” long before she was rallied to be the host of Saturday Night Live. Don’t get me wrong, I like her, and I’m a fan of some of her work, but the whole fad of ‘seniors saying sassy/age-inappropriate things’ has never been my thing. I think it’s one of those predictable places uncreative/self- serving directors go for a cheap laugh. But then what do I know? Today’s audiences eat that shit up; 2008 & 2009 was riddled with that shit. But I digress.

I rented You Again because I liked the premise and I love Jamie Lee-Curtis and Sigourney Weaver. Never been a big fan of Kristen Bell, but then I was never really her age demographic. THOUGH, I liked her in this. She’s funny. I’d watch her again. Anyway, the movie’s premise was a lot of fun and I think everyone did their best with the material, but I walked away with that empty feeling you get when you’ve just consumed empty calories. I think my expectations were too high; I think I was anticipating more physical comedy. Don’t get me wrong, there are some hilarious classic scenes: Jamie Lee Curtis’ character, accidentally dropping her rival’s earring down the drain: Sigourney Weaver challenging Jamie Lee to an impromptu (or so it seems) drag race, etc. I think maybe it was all a little too nice. This is definitely a movie that could be aired on ABC Family, unedited. Overall, a fun movie, definitely worth a rental, but I wouldn’t want to own it. P.s. James Wolk is white-hot in this movie. D-a-m-n
Brothers Grimm– I’ve had this movie on DVD-R (recorded, back when I had cable, years ago) forever. I’ve started it a couple of times, but never quite got into it long enough to finish it.

Well, I finally finished it and it was…fun. Admittedly, I am not a Matt Damon fan (he looks weird to me…Men’s Health cover? Yuh-ikes. Makeup much?), but he was funny in this. And Heath Ledger looked ridiculously good, what with the short, short hair and glasses. Yowza! Definitely dig the look.

The premise is inspired: The Brothers Grimm as ghostbusting (by way of Supernatural) shysters, who finally get their comeuppance when one of the malignant apparitions turns out to be very real.

Overall, I really liked the look of the film too. A fun piece of escapism with some real thought behind it. I’d own it.

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I LOVE Brothers Grimm…such an underappreciated gem. And really showed Heath’s range.

I do own it. 😀

Comment by cheryl

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