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Always Something There to Remind Me
January 26, 2011, 5:57 pm
Filed under: Life, Lost 'n Found

Having become disenfranchised with the job hunt, I’ve been cleaning house (in every sense of the word). With removing several pieces of furniture (to take to the consignment store), cleaning out and organizing closets, drawers and cabinets, I’ve come across all kinds of things. One of those things was some teeny, tiny jewelry boxes that contained several baby rings my parents must’ve bought for me. Though I abhor jewelry in general, even I have to admit that these rings are very sweet, if impractical. Maybe they’re a product of their time. I can’t seem to find anything, in regards to origin and/or fads, about them online.

Anyway, the ring(s) isn’t really the issue. The REAL discovery was a teeny, tiny slip of paper (an old Safeway receipt, dated April 17, 1971) I found wedged beneath one of the rings. My mom had scribbled a quick passage from a poem on it. It reads:

“Come, little leaves” said the wind one day,
“Come over the meadows with me, and play;
Put on your dresses of red and gold;
Summer is gone, and the days grow cold.”

I researched it online and found out that it is an excerpt from the poem Come Little Leaves by George Cooper. You can read the poem in its entirety here. I thought it was very sweet. Put me in a melancholy mood, but I’m happy to have found it.

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