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Three Coins In the Fountain…and One Idiot
January 25, 2011, 6:00 am
Filed under: Idiocracy

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A friend sent this to me via e-mail. I think she’s trying to provoke me into having a blood-pressure-induced stroke (from the sheer retardation of it all). Granted, the woman COULD have gotten hurt and what the security department did is unethical, this is still a bullshit “news” story.

She fell into the fountain because she was fuckin’ TEXTING and not paying attention to her surroundings…then cries foul when “no one comes to her aid?” Yeah, you know why that is? Because of idiots like yourself, who are sue-happy, combined with the fact that taking responsibility for your own actions, has gone the way of the horse & buggy. It’s always someone else’s fault now…and they must PAY! Drivel like this should not be news, much less given air-time! The media attention it generates, only perpetuates it! Color me annoyed.

Prologue: Turns out she’s been convicted of identitiy theft, stole $5,000 dollars from a co-worker… and some other theft charges involving Target and Zales jewelry stores. Read the story here. Bet she wishes she’d kept her media-whoring mouth shut now.

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Sounds like karma came and bit her in the ass. That is the worst, the sue happy people out there. Give me a f-cking break.

Comment by twoveganboys

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