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Edie The Word Gourmet
January 21, 2011, 6:13 am
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Great article, written by Edie McClurg, that I stumbled upon over at The Wrap. Here’s an excerpt (click here to read the rest!):

How Awesome and Amazing We All Are!

Isn’t it amazing how awesome almost everyone is? I mean, “rilly (sic) awesome and amazing.”

Someone’s child hits a dribbling grounder toward third base and it’s automatically “an awesome hit.” An oily-faced 15-year-old guy agrees with a ProActive-coated girl that Sbarro’s Pizza in the food court is amazing — and true love blooms.

I hereby declare prohibition of the words “awesome” and “amazing” by anyone under 40, unless they have seen the second coming of the Christ or a third world country has detonated a nuclear device.