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Halloween Countdown
October 26, 2010, 6:00 am
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[1] There’s a park down the street from my house that has a dozen or more bronze children statues scattered throughout the park. P thinks they’re creepy, while I find them cheap and trite-looking. We went for a walk there one night last week and I took some pictures. If I get time I’ll post a few of the others as well.
[2] Candy and Caramel Apple time!
[3] Some life-size doll I saw at an estate sale in some crumbling old house.
[4] The feed store my neighbor and I go to, has these painting on their windows of various farm animals. They look like soulless villains. This one disturbs me the most.
[5] This was so retarded it was scary. I ran across this flying bat novelty in the Halloween section of Target. Literally, a BAT, not a bat MAN or monster hybrid, but a BAT. I thought it was ridiculous that a fuckin’ bat would have ABS. Beyond ridiculous.
[6] Incan (?) mask in the Weston Gardens nursery. Very Scooby-Doo.
[7] Witch with psychedelic eyes at Big Lots.
[8] Assorted gourds and squash at the grocery store.
[9] Vampire with spooky light-up eyes, also at Big Lots.

I took this picture at Green’s Produce, down the street from where I live. I buy my jack o’lantern there every year. It’s not fall until I’ve been to Green’s. They also have the only GOOD candy corn I can find anywhere. More photos from Green’s coming!

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