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Dear Tom Thumb…
August 8, 2010, 10:00 pm
Filed under: Rants

I just left store #3956, where I regularly shop. I’ve been shopping at this location for the last 13 years. My experience this evening has prompted me to write, in regards to some serious employee incompetence.

I stood in line (there was one person in front of me) for twenty minutes, while a cashier (and I use the term loosely) stood and looked befuddled for 95% of the transaction. Apparently the woman in front of me had purchased some qualified items on the 10 for $10 sales circular and there was a problem with her discount. The cashier, “Jeannie” did little more than look confused the entire time. She repeatedly looked over the ad, went to another cashier stall and picked up the same circular and continued to pore over it. Naturally, this accomplished nothing. Having worked in retail for 21+ years, common sense would dictate that if you’re not making any headway with the problem at hand, you find a supervisor or someone who can. But no, for 10 more minutes we have more puzzled looks, more intense scrutinizing of the sales circular…and still no closer to solving the problem. Meanwhile, backup has been called for the 6 other people behind me, now waiting to check out.

I don’t know if this woman is new to the position, mentally-challeneged, on medication, etc. The fact that she was the only one not in a uniform makes me wonder. Whatever the case, I’d suggest she receive more training before being unleashed to deal with the public again. If a sales circular is causing this much confusion, I can only imagine what chaos would ensue should a real crisis arise.