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Mental Goulash XVIV
April 27, 2010, 6:00 am
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• Remember Tang? Though I’m not a big orange-flavor fan, I do like the occasional orange juice and/or Sunny Delight. However, after reuniting with Tang recently, I LOVE it. Seriously. Why anyone would buy Sunny Delight when they could make their own is beyond me. It is SO damn good. On a side note: I miss Grape Tang, but just bought P some Strawberry Tang. Go figure. Also, even if you don’t like to DRINK it, put some in the detergent reservoir of your dishwasher and it will rid it of excess lime and rust buildup. Yep! Lemonade Kool-Aid will do the same too. As long as it has citric acid in it.

• Food:
– Licorice Bears (99¢ a bag at CVS)
– Giant Tootsie Rolls (2 for $1 at a nearby truck stop)
Thomas Bagel Thins: From the makers of the previously brilliant ‘Squagel’ (square bagel), comes Bagel Thins. They’re bagel that are half the thickness of a regular bagel. I love them! They are about the amount I want to eat and they are great toasted or cold!
Maple Grove Farm’s Asiago ‘n Garlic salad dressing (DAMN good!)
Brianna’s Home Style Blush Wine Vinaigrette Dressing: Yep, this is the same one that a lady at the supermarket recommended to P & I, while we were pondering the vast amounts of salad dressings. It’s a little sweet and a little vinegar-y. SO good. A little goes a LONG way. I’m trying to learn how to dole out salad dressing. I have a habit of using too much. This one is good, but flavorfully potent.
Annie Chun’s Korean Sweet Chili Bowl: I love this type of noodle bowl because like the ones found at the Asian Supermarket, the noodles are vacuum packed in water and just need to be heated, unlike Ramen, which I find a little too ‘college dorm.’ I only used half of the flavor packet that came with the noodle bowl. Any more and I think it would have been too overpowering. SOOOOO incredibly good. I’d fill my pantry with these, BUT the sodium content is BANANAS (830mg)! The daily recommended dose is 2400, but still. I rarely, if ever, use salt on anything, so I don’t feel too guilty about indulging in this from time to time, but I don’t want to tempt fate, what with my craptastic diet to begin with! I’ll still keep some on hand, but not going to make it a regular thing.
Squirt Grapefruit Soda: Sorry, Fresca, I love you too, but Squirt has you BEAT, hands down. While having lunch with P last week, he pointed out a retro tin sign that was behind the counter and said he liked it. As it turned out, it was a sign for Squirt soda. I wanted to tell him that ‘Yes, Virginia, they still make it”, but didn’t get around to it. It’s hard to find, but the Mexican bakery down the street sells it in ginormous glass bottles. A & I partook of some this last weekend and were raving about how good it is. Forget it, Mountain Dew. Squirt tastes crisper, better and more carbonated. Yum!
Jack in the Box has 2 new grilled deli sandwiches: Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar (with Cheddar cheese and Sun-dried Tomato sauce) and the Deli Trio (Genoa salami, ham, roasted turkey, Provolone cheese, pickles and Italian dressing). And when I say pickles, I mean the GOOD pickles (Claussen). They are both dynamite, but personally, I like the TB&C better. Definitely check them out before they go the way of the angus burger.

• You know how you associate certain smells with certain people? Well, when it comes to P, whenever I get into his truck it usually smells like, what, at first, I assumed was cologne. However, after some further investigation, it turns out that it’s a ‘Leather’-scented air freshener (tree-shaped, natch). I would NEVER have guessed that the smell was LEATHER. Well, he recently gave me a 3 pak of Little Trees: Leather scent, so now MY car interior smells like P too. That’s ‘P’ not ‘pee.’ Fyi.

• I love comedienne/actor Elon Gold. I’ve always thought he was SO beautiful. Elon is an openly gay and orthodox Jew. An interesting combo. So, recently while I was reading up on him, I found out that he has a gay brother (Ari Gold) who is a R&B singer. This spurred my interest, so I looked his stuff up on Amazon and listened to some of it and it’s actually pretty good! Forgive me if I sound surprised, but I normally steer clear of gay (singing) artists. That may sound odd, being that I am gay, but more often than not, it’s just someone cashing in on their ab-tastic CD cover and/or good looks; no actual talent needed. Gays LOVE that shit. But I digress.

My point is, I started to notice all the ‘recommendations’ being thrown to me, via Amazon. I never knew there were SO many gay singing “artists!” I also never knew how SPECIFIC some of them get. That’s how I stumbled upon “Yehonathan.” Oy. Sorry, but the whole 1-name thing leaves me cold anymore. Cher, fine. Madonna, Moby, Björk alright. But a little goes a long way. “Yehonathan’s” full name is Yehonathan Gatro and he’s a singer/actor from Israel who moved to California in 2002. His style is dance music and it’s actually not bad! Of course, he’s got the whole eyecandy thing going for him too. meh.

• It’s that time of the year again: Ant Season! I don’t know what it’s all about, but I have (had) little black ants in both the bathroom (eating the cat’s food) and in the kitchen (getting into my abandoned Cokes from assorted fast food places). Well, I usually get an ant trap from the grocery store, but this year I decided to try Grant’s Kills Ants (boy! does it!) ant bait stations. They even LOOK more effective (IMO) than the Hot Shot ones I usually get. And let me tell you, they WORK. I didn’t have them out for a day and I haven’t seen an ant since! Love it. Got mine at the hardware store.

Kroger had the new Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap Dispenser on sale for HALF price ($8 as opposed to $16) at Kroger recently, so I had to get one. P (and it seems like everyone else I know), seem to navigate toward the kitchen to wash their hands, so I decided to make it easier, and less of a hassle for me, to do. Personally, I used to rant and rave when my dad would do it (back when my parents used to visit). I was always brought up that you wash your hands in the BATHROOM. Call me crazy. Anyway, in trying to be flexible, I bought this and put it in the kitchen and it works beautifully. The one I bought came with Soothing Cumber Splash-scented soap (HEAVENLY). I also bought refills while I was there because I bet you dollars to donuts that this beauty will be ‘discontinued’ almost immediately, as is my luck with things that I like.

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Ugh. I can’t stand when people wash their hands in my kitchen.

Comment by twoveganboys

I seriously used to tear ASS over this, whenever my dad (well, anyone) would do it, for the simple fact that I don’t always have a dish towel at-the-ready, but I DO in the BATHROOM.

Comment by kirkkitsch

I love Tang! When I was a kid, my mom stopped buying it cause I would go through it too fast lol 🙂 I also loved 5 Alive! Remember that stuff?…poor mans orange juice, but SO much better than the real thing!

Comment by Starla

MEEEEE too! I’m seriously addicted. I even found a place (online) that makes a donut with cream cheese frosting, that they sprinkle lightly with Tang and garnish with mini marshmallows in the center! OMG! Crazy!

Were you the one that told me you used to eat it straight from the jar? LOL! Someone told me that and it totally cracked me up…but I might have to ‘investigate’ that…purely for educational reasons, you know.

I DO remember FIve Alive. We would buy it in frozen concentrate (and I WOULD eat at it, like it was a slushie…good lord). I wanna say that Coca-Cola still distributes it in some areas.

Remember this: In a skit on Saturday Night Live, three Southern ladies (played by Cheri Oteri, Ana Gasteyer and guest host Claire Danes) were on their first trip to France. When asked what beverage they would like to order, one asked, “Do y’all have Five Alive?”

Comment by kirkkitsch

Yep, try the Tang right out of the container. It used to be yummy.

Thanks for the song. I love dance music and this is not bad at all.

I used to drink 5 Alive too. I had forgot all about that stuff.

Comment by Karen Morris - Kola

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