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Mental Goulash XVIII
April 7, 2010, 6:00 am
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• Having a craving for pancakes a few nights ago, I opted to go to the grocery store instead of IHOP. That’s where I found Batter Blaster. Batter Blaster is premixed (the word ‘organic’ seems to be a selling point) ORGANIC pancake batter in a pressurized can (think Reddi-Wip). I loved the novelty of the concept, so I bought some and headed home. My verdict: Good, but I’ve had better. I thought the pancakes, though fluffy in appearance, were too easily flattened while cooking. You know, when you flip it and then you kind press on the pancake to make sure it’s thoroughly cooked (i.e. no batter oozes out), it flattened like a crepe! Plus, the pancakes burned REALLY easily. No golden brown here! Continue reading