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March 23, 2010, 6:00 am
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After reading this (brief) article on AOL, I felt compelled to share it. I used to be able to watch some of these reality shows (Super Nanny, Trading Spouses, Wife Swap, My Super Sweet 16), but I just can’t handle them anymore. I find it way too stress-inducing (re: blood pressure-inducing) and depressing. I do, however, remember seeing this particularly explosive episode (along with the super-nut ‘God Warrior‘ one). This made me laugh though (especially the last paragraph).

Notorious Reality TV ‘Brat’ Sues ABC for $100 Million

A teen beauty queen who was featured on ABC’s ‘Wife Swap’ two years ago is suing the network for $100 million, charging they framed scenes to “maximize her public embarrassment” by making her look like a spoiled brat. In court papers obtained by the NY Daily News, Alicia Guastaferro, 18, claims she has received death threats and harbors suicidal tendencies since the show, in which she offered, “I do feel sorry for people that are not gorgeous people.” Watch:

The episode focused heavily on Guastaferro, who is described as the “princess of pageantry” and is given presents every day by her parents, who keep a Christmas tree up all year. ‘Wife Swap’ centers on mothers from different walks of life switching places, but the lawsuit claims ABC spent too much time on the demanding teen and not the intended subject of the show: the wife, Karen.

Guastaferro says that since the airing she has had to transfer schools in upstate New York and has gone from the honor roll to being a special education student. It probably didn’t help that during the show, Mrs. Guastaferro freely admitted — and demonstrated — how she does her daughter’s homework. “She doesn’t have time!”

“I feel the way to Alicia’s happiness is, give her everything she wants. Don’t give her any rules. Why upset her?” Karen boasted.

Another motive for the lawsuit may be the financial woes of the family.

Last November, Ralph and Karen Guastaferro pleaded guilty to felony money laundering charges stemming from a Canadian telemarketing scheme. Karen is also in hot water for not declaring wages at the family’s glass-tinting business. According to a Buffalo News report, she faces up to 16 months in jail, while he could spend up to 57 months behind bars.

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F-cking ridiculous. I too am tired of the reality shows. The God warrior lady was over the top. Josh and I laugh everytime they show a rerun of that episode. Talk about psycho. Geez. And this girl, it makes you want to punch her in the face as well as her parents. Christmas everyday?!?!? Give me a break.

Comment by twoveganboys

I remember the God warrior episode! Wasn’t she a doozie? I read somewhere that her oldest daughter (she had a little girl too)was killed in a car accident about a year after the show was taped. I remember her too. She allowed the New Age mom who was “swapping” with their family to hypnotize her as she laid on her bed. Her God warrior mother freaked out when she heard about it.

Comment by Cindi


Yes, it’s sad, but true that Marguerite Perrin’s (AKA ‘The God Warrior’) oldest daughter did die in a car accident in September of ’07. I’m not sure which is sadder: the fact that the poor girl died prematurely or the fact that her poor daughter who was ‘left behind’ is going to be raised by a fundamentalist Christian kook. Sad.

Comment by kirkkitsch

Nothing wrong with being a FC. If the daughter wants to make her own choice as she ages she should be able to do that, but there are plenty of religious and non religious beliefs parents pass down to their children. I think the daughter who was killed in the car accident is far sadder than the religious beliefs the other child will be raised with.

Comment by Tay

Riiight. Get back to me when you’re a gay man living in Texas and we’ll talk Christianity.

Comment by kirkkitsch

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