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Chef Boy-Ar-Deez Bad Pizzas!
March 22, 2010, 6:00 am
Filed under: Food

This weekend, P came over and we spent the day hanging out together. We went out to lunch but I decided to make dinner a little more hands-on, so I bought one of those Chef Boyardee Pizza Kits. I haven’t bought one, I don’t think, since maybe the 80’s (90’s, maybe?). Anyway, it’d been a long time and for good reason: I never have success with them! N E V E R. LOL! The crust either burns or isn’t fully cooked. Well, this time around, it was the later. P made a pepperoni & cheese pizza (top); I opted for the orange/yellow bell pepper & pepperoni (bottom). They both SMELLED and LOOKED delicious…but, as usual, we were unable to actually pick up a ‘slice’ and eat it, like a “real” pizza, so, we busted out the forks. As we sat and watched a movie, I had to start laughing because, as P had mentioned earlier, it was SO bad, yet we couldn’t stop eating it. It made me laugh because it made me think of that standup CD of Ellen DeGeneres’, called Taste This; Re: things that taste bad and/or have spoiled: “Oh god, this is awful…here, taste this.” And it’s true! It WAS bad, yet the toppings were so delicious and something about it was tantalizing. Maybe we were just really hungry. I dunno. Regardless, it was fun and we had something to laugh about later.

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