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Give Us This Day Our Daily Dread
March 17, 2010, 6:00 am
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Thai Fine Art student and artist Kittiwat Unarrom is the son of a preacher man, no wait, I’m thinking of Dusty Springfield. Scratch that. Kittiwat is the son of a BAKER, and obviously that baking exposure has been a clear influence on his sculptures. However, his artistic need to see things a little differently definitely flared up as he created the tacitly named “Body Bakery” – made up entirely of realistic-looking sculptures of dismembered human body parts sculpted entirely from bread. * Watch the accompanying video, which, unfortunately does not contain subtitles, but you get the general idea.

Of course, people were shocked and thought that I was mad when they saw the works. But once they knew the idea behind it, they understood and became interested in the work itself, instead of thinking that I am crazy.

Inspired and informed by anatomy books and visits to forensic museums, he makes sure that none of your various body part bread desires go unfulfilled: he also makes feet, hands, and internal organs which come displayed impaled on hooks. Made from dough, raisins, cashew nuts, and chocolate, all of the works on display are totally edible.

When people see the bread, they don’t want to eat it. But when they taste it, it’s just normal bread. The lesson is ‘don’t judge just by outer appearances.

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Wow. Very cool.

Comment by twoveganboys


But how are they with Nutella?

Comment by cheryl

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