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Evangeline, Why Can’t You Be True?
March 16, 2010, 6:00 am
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I remember wanting to see this (Disney) movie at the theater, but just never got around to it. All I know is that once I saw how hot the prince was, it was like when I saw Gaston in Beauty & the Beast: I was in!

I really loved the movie. I wasn’t sure if I was going to, what with the whole ‘It’s Disney’s first black princess!’ PR overload, but that wasn’t really a factor. At least, it didn’t get too bogged down in trying to establish black history. It just happened to be a story that took place in 1920’s New Orleans and the main character(s) just happened to be black. Big deal. And the thing is, I didn’t even fall in LIKE with the human characters (with the exception of Mama Odie) as much as I fell in LOVE with some of the animal ones. Ray the Cajun lightning bug and Louis the swamp gator were definite favorites. They had me cracking up every time they were in a scene. I also really loved Dr. Facilier (the voodoo villian) and all his creepy voodoo store goodies. Great, great, great.

I have to admit I took issue with Disney’s heavy-handedness when it came to the “moral” of the story, which was ‘Hard work pays off’ (or you gotta have a J-O-B if you wanna be with me). Yeah, WE GET IT. Don’t know how plausible that message is (have you seen reality television?), but okay. Whatever happened to something for everyone, like ‘Be true to yourself?’ I could get behind that one. It’s pretty universal.

Naturally, after doing some research online, apparently EVERYONE is offended in SOME way over everything from the dialect of the characters, to the portrayal of race. Just goes to show you that you can’t please everyone. If you look hard enough you can find fault with just about anything. I’ve read a lot of the arguments and personally find them ridiculous. I especially love how most of the people bitching are just SO into their “culture(s).” I’m sure. If that’s the case, let’s talk about why shit movies like Soul Pane and Homie Spumoni make money. I’m just SO over the whole act of martyrdom in the name of culture-facade. I’m gay and you don’t see me weeping and wailing every time some gay stereotype gets thrown into the pop culture fray (and trust me, it’s rabid). Some things are just never going to change, no matter how militant you are about it. Once you accept that fact, your stress level will be greatly reduced. And for those who feel like that’s “giving up,” it’s not. It’s knowing that humanity has its limitations and unfortunately, ignorance isn’t one of them.

Overall, a movie I’d definitely add it to my DVD collection. It’s a cartoon. It’s entertainment. And even though it made me cry, I liked it a lot. Recommend!

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