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Angels, Demons and Protoplasm
March 15, 2010, 6:00 am
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I watched Angels & Demons with P (another one of my 3 for $20 picks), neither of us having seen it before. P has seen The Da Vinci Code, but I haven’t, though I do want to. I thought I owned it, but I don’t, but I have no doubt I can find a cheapo used copy for under $5. I remember thinking the trailer (for The Da Vinci Code) looked interesting and was intrigued, then all the fun got sucked out of wanting to see the movie because there was SO MUCH DRAMA when it was released. I honestly think more people went to see what the big fuss was about than for the actual film. Though, on the flipside of that coin, the masses love a movie with an identifiable lead (Tom Hanks), so I’m sure that played a role as well (though I could NOT, and still can’t, get past his godawful hair in that movie. Mind-numbingly awful choice by whomever the stylist or costumer was, or whoever makes those decisions). Continue reading