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November 16, 2009, 6:00 am
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Surrealism by Uwe M. Schneede © 1973
Synopsis: The art of surrealist offers some of the most intriguing, irreverent and evocative imagery ever created It delves into the unconscious’s labyrinths and unexplored caverns of the psyche, opening windows for new perceptions, unsymmetrical landscapes and shows unexpected and unknown dark corners of the mind, carving in relief the demons of madness, dreams, dragons, sickness, and hallucinations of the apparently sane mind.

Richly illustrated and fabulous and readable exploration through fundamentals works of Tanguy, Miro, Masson, Magritte, Dali, Ernst, Picasso, Bellmer, Gorky, Chirico, Matta, Dominguez,, Ray, Wols, Tanning, Delvaux and Oelze. Add too an erudite and invaluable introduction and wide comments about the expansive wave of this movement, supported by emblematic graphic material and you will have in sum an excellent guide to initiate or refresh the passionate study and analysis of this overwhelming artistic movement.
Comments: I was fortunate enough to come across this book at an estate sale recently. The person whom lived in the house must’ve have been an artist, so there was LOADS of great stuff that you normally don’t see at your run-of-the-mill estate sale. I’ve always been a big fan of Surrealism, originally getting my feet wet with Dali and eventually choosing the work of Max Ernst as my favorite Surrealist. Great book that you don’t see every day.

Christmas Memories by Susan Waggoner © 2009
Synopsis: In Christmas Memories, Susan Waggoner, author of STC’s It’s a Wonderful Christmas and Under the Tree, looks at bygone holidays from the perspective of those who lived them. Beginning with “Christmas in the Melting Pot,” which depicts yuletide in the early 1920s, the author presents detailed snapshots that re-create holiday seasons past. She chronicles the gifts, activities, fads, and fancies that made each Christmas unique; indulges in fantasy shopping at yesterday’s prices; shares thoughts from letters, diaries, and magazines of the era; and makes the past pop to life with vibrantperiod art. Readers will revel in the irresistible nostalgia of Christmas Memories.
Comments: I didn’t realize when I ordered this from, that it was a NEW book (re: newly published). I love these kind of nostalgia books, SO kitschy! This is the kind of book I’d like to do if I had the opportunity. Filled with GREAT images and loaded with interesting history behind the fads.

Get Fuzzy: The Potpourrific Great Big Bag of Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley © 2008
Synopsis: As Darby Conley’s fourth treasury, this title presents strips from I’m Ready for My Movie Contract and Take Our Cat, Please! Named Best Comic Strip of the Year in 2002 by the National Cartoonists Society, Darby Conley’s Get Fuzzy takes a keen and witty look at the dynamics of interspecies cohabitation.
Beleaguered ad exec Rob Wilco is the mild-mannered guardian to Bucky, a sharp-fanged, self-absorbed house cat with a penchant for scheming and screenwriting, and Satchel, a gentle laid-back Shar-pei-Lab who frequently finds himself on the receiving end of Bucky’s mischief.

Comments: I love Get Fuzz! I’ve been a fan going on 10 years now. It never fails to make me laugh and the drawing is above average for a daily comic. Definitely check it out if you haven't. Good stuff!

Flash Gordon: The Witch Queen of Mongo by Alex Raymond © 1978
Synopsis: The 5th in the series of fabulous novels inspired by the famous comic strip Flash Gordon. Victimized by a psychic teenage prankster, Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, and Dr. Zarkov find themselves instantly transported to the planet of Mongo, where Flash is captured & drugged by the ravishing witch Queen Azura & her evil cohort–none other than Ming the Merchiless, Jr! But Zarkov & Dale escape to Arboria, & enlist the aid of Prince Barin, who, by use of a brilliant ruse, sets in motion a series of violent encounters & hair’s abreadth escapes that place Flash’s life in imminent peril.
Comments: I love, love, love me some Flash Gordon. I don’t care what naysayers have to say in regards to the 1980 movie adaptation being “cheesy,” etc. I was kinda surprised when I ran across this at a used bookstore, as I didn’t realize that there were movie-related covers out there. The story itself was written back in 1936, but marketed here with a contemporary movie tie-in cover. Good marketing. I totally fell for it. LOL!

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