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Weekend Update
November 15, 2009, 6:00 am
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Well, I had a great weekend. Friday, I met my dad in Fort Worth for lunch, which went smoothly. Afterwards, I did a little shopping and picked up several (different) boxes of Christmas cards, a few bottles of liquid hand soap (Lime Blossom Basil and Verbena Sage). I like that they come in GLASS dispensers. I also stopped by Barnes & Noble and picked up a couple of books, a magazine that makes me DROOL: LoftLife. OMG, just too beautiful, not to mention a shockingly affordably-priced interior design magazine ($5, compared to the usual $10 and up). I may be forced to subscribe.

On the way home from Fort Worth, I made an unscheduled pit stop at an estate sale that I happened upon, and I bought some GREAT stuff. It was a great old house in a really cute neighborhood and the person who used to live there must have been an artist. I bought some great records (SO going to frame them), a globe on a wood pedestal, a couple of pairs of scissors (I dunno what it is about scissors, but I buy them at garage/estate sales all the time. Esp. if they have colored handles), a 1939 yearbook, a book on Surrealism (import from Japan) and an old ceramic tape dispenser (also from Japan), shaped like a snail. Too cute. I’m going to try and take photos so you can see for yourself. Great finds!

Friday evening, my friends A & M and myself, all went to The Tin Cup for dinner. They’d never been there before, so I was happy to see that they enjoyed their Reuben and some sandwich that I forget the name of (Calamity Jane?), but heard rave reviews about (it has ham and caramel apple on it). They both agreed that it was all delicious. Naturally, I got my ‘usual’ (tuna salad on croissant and the soup of the day). It was fun and we got to catch up.

Also on Friday, I got a call from the man whom I’m going into business with and he told me that Blockbuster just called him and wanted to buy into the business. Yes, the business that hasn’t even OPENED yet! When he told them that he wasn’t interested, they were very persistent, asking him if he had a partner (me), what their name was, where they worked, how much they were investing. etc. It was kinda nuts. After telling them repeatedly that that was ‘none of their business’ he finally got tired of the Spanish Inquisition and said “Look, don’t call me again. If you do, you’ll be talking to my lawyer.”

Friday night I talked to P, who asked if I wanted to do something Saturday night. I said ‘Okay, you wanna go to dinner?’ so that’s what we ended up doing. I decided to take him to Dallas to Vapiano’s (pizza place) and afterwards we went across the street to Trader Vic’s. It was really nice. He’d never been to either place and seemed to really enjoy it. Since I had a Mai Tai and he had a virgin Piña Colada, I let him drive us home. Not that I’m anywhere NEAR tipsy after one drink, but I didn’t want to take any chances. On the drive home, we made tentative plans to go to the Dallas World Aquarium the day before Thanksgiving. He mentioned that he’d cancelled his Thanksgiving plans and asked me what I was doing for Thanksgiving. I told him I hadn’t decided yet (which is true). I STILL don’t know what I wanna do. I’m gonna have to give it some thought.

On the way home we stopped by Tom Thumb, so that I could pick up a few necessities (Coke, toilet paper and ice cream sandwiches. You know, the usual), then went back to my house and watched a few episodes of Family Affair. An evening well spent.

* Photos from L to R: P’s Piña Colada at Trader Vic’s, my pizza (those are bell peppers and pepperonis) from Vapiano’s (P ordered the same thing) and our view from our table at Vapiano’s.

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