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November 6, 2009, 6:00 am
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Okay, are you sitting down? Here’s the latest scoop on what’s happening on the job front. First, the bad news: I am not going to be able to go to Chicago like I’d originally hoped. I’d use the word ‘planned,’ but I never actually took the initiative to MAKE the actuals plans (reservations, train ticket, etc.). I’d still really like to go, but I’m having financial issues that I didn’t anticipate (mostly stemming from a glitch in a money source that is tied in with my mother’s death; they just NOW realized that she’s dead, so I had to send them her death certificate and assorted forms and it’s resulting in a serious delay in what was to be my vacation funds). SO, I’m still going to go ahead and take off work for 2 weeks (one paid…oy) and do something around here, I suppose. It’s not life-altering, but I am disappointed.

Now for the good news: The video store chain that I blogged about once or twice before, is happening. No ifs, ands or buts. Like I mentioned previously, one building has been purchased (in lieu of leasing) and is currently under construction (carpet, sound system, paint, etc.). The latest development is that a local location has been chosen, confirmed and put to bed. The best part is that it is literally down the street from me (I could WALK to work if I wanted to)! It’s a great location and a LARGE location. And here’s the kicker: Early on, the owner mentioned to me, in passing, that he’d always wanted to have a place where you can sit and read and drink a cup of coffee (like Barnes & Noble has or other similar venues) in a relaxed atmosphere with couches and such. He said that he’d like for it to be connected with the video store…eventually. Well, the new place is so big that it lends itself to his vision, so we are not only going to have a video store, but there will be an area that will serve coffee and such (think Starbucks and their style of food offerings + a little more less “uppity” choices, like ice cream and hot dogs)! How cool is THAT?! At first, the news was a little overwhelming, but as it turns out, the owner’s wife has been in the food industry for almost 30 years, so she’s got the knowledge of the food end of the business, thank goodness, because I know nothing of the food vendor business. I’m solely movies and books. And speaking of, here’s the SECOND best part, the coffee shop portion of the store is also going to carry books! *squeal!* Here’s the details (I need a new paragraph): Continue reading