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September 24, 2009, 6:00 am
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Elvis30 #1 Hits © 2002
Comments: I love Elvis, but I really don’t have many CDs by him, that’s why getting this one was a no-brainer. Has a big foldout poster inside! *sigh*
Blade Runner [Soundtrack] © 1994
Comments: I never get tired of this movie and/or its soundtrack. Beautiful. Haunting. Ethereal?
PhoenixIt’s Never Been Like That © 2006
Hellogoodbye © 2004
MorrisseyRingleader of the Tormentors © 2006
Comments: I still love Morrissey (the man; the face…not necessarily all his new music). I think he’s just the cutest thing, even as he gets older. I haven’t listened to the CD in its entirety, but I like what I’ve heard so far.
ErasureLight at the End of the World © 2007
Comments: So-so endeavor by Erasure. I’ve heard better. I think I’ve finally decided I’m a fan of their singles and not much else.
Sarah VaughanThis is Jazz Vol. 20 © 1996
Comments: I have a lot of Sarah Vaughan, but even this CD had some songs on it I haven’t heard before. Love the entire CD through and through. Highly recommended!
Classics by Candlelight © 2004
Cyndi LauperAt Last © 2003
Comments: Have been wanting this CD for some time now, finally found it used for a good price. Like it a lot.
ErasurePop! Remixed ©
Everybody Dance Now © 2004
Comments: Good, but not great. Three-CD set has some good mixes, but then also has some ‘better left alone’ mixes too. My favorite is Sandra Bernhard’s rendition of You Make Me Feel Mighty Real. I love her!
Billy JoelGreatest Hits © 1998
Comments: I’ve always thought Billy Joel was so cute…when he got older. Looking at the insert, I definitely prefer him once he got a some years under his belt (mid-late 30’s). SO beautiful. Always loved the eyes. Younger…not so much. Gotta love ‘Allentown‘ and ‘Pressure.’
Patsy ClineThe Definitive Collection © 2004
60’s Gold © 2006
The Best of Lionel Hampton © 2000
Hotel Chill ©
Comments: I love volume 2 of this CD compilation so much, that I ordered volume 1. Can’t wait to get it!
Air FranceNo Way Down © 2009
Comments: Ever since I heard the song Collapsing At Your Doorstep, I’ve been hopelessly addicted to this UK band. Beautiful. Perfect. I love it.
The Showdown– Back Breaker © 2008
Comments: I have absolutely zero interest in this CD, musically (defined as “Christ-Centered Hardcore Metal” WTF-ever). I just bought it because the cover is SO hot. The booklet inside had some other great closeup shots. I’ll be taking it apart and putting it under the glass on my desk. The bodybuilder’s name is Mark Dugdale. HOT!

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