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September 23, 2009, 6:00 am
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Betty Crocker’s Cake and Frosting Mix Cookbook © 1966
You Can Disco by Jennifer Meloney © 1979
The Church and the Homosexual by John J. McNeill © 1976
Seventeen Party Book by Haupt Enid © 1956
Amedeo Modigliani by Alfred Werner © 1967
The Art of Interior Design: Selecting Elements for Distinctive Styles by Suzanne Woloszynska © 2001
A Discovery of Cinema by Thorold Dickinson © 1971
The Victorian Book of Magic by Raymond Reynolds © 1969
What Ever Happened To…? by Marcis Seligson © 1965
Family Circle Great Chicken Recipes © 1972
Pictorial Encyclopedia of Cake Decorating by McKinley & Norman WIlton © 1969
Winning Wrestling Moves by Mark Mysnyk © 1994
Mantovani Manhattan and His Orchestra
Process 35 Percussion
Mother Goose {ol’ Humpty’s lookin’ a liiiiittle fey, and I don’t mean Tina}
All Ears: 10 New and Original Song Hits With a CB Theme
K-Tel’s Dance Machine

I forgot to blog about last Friday. It really was the perfect day. I got up at 8 in order to get Chumley to her grooming appointment at 9, then after dropping her off I stopped by the Einstein Bros. Bagels located on the ground floor of the art department at UTA. I LOVE EBB! We used to have one in south Arlington a long time ago, but they packed up and left. I was devastated. So, when I found out that there was one at UTA (just a mere 2 blocks from my house) I almost lost it! The only downside is that they are only open Monday-Friday.

ANYWAY, I stopped by EBB and got half a dozen Everything bagels and some onion/chive cream cheese…and their Tasty Turkey (turkey, provolone, sprouts, cucumber slices, lettuce and chive cream cheese on the bagel of your choice). AWESOME. Seriously, I think I could subsist entirely on these for the rest of my life, THE perfect sandwich.

I drove to the book sale (already in progress) and had no trouble finding a spot (usually it’s pretty crowded). As I sat in the car listening to my favorite Jazz station (KNON 88.1), eating my sandwich with the sunroof uncovered, it started to rain. It was perfect. The relaxing moment I’d been longing for.

I finished up, grabbed my bags (I take my own tote bags {Half Price Books} when I go to these book sales, so as to avoid dealing with a cumbersome box) and headed inside. There were only a handful of people inside, but before I left the place was packed, so I can/went at a good time.

At most of these book fairs, there is normally a ‘Collectibles area, where you can get first editions, signed and assorted ‘rare’ books. As a general rule, you are asked to NOT bring any other purchases in this area with you, but instead leave them at the register. This is also posted on signs surrounding the Collectibles area. Well, this year they had a table on the edge of the Collectibles area that was filled with shoeboxes of postcards. They were separated by state and I ended up picking out 35 of them (all the while being carefully scrutinized by Uptight Woman). While looking at them, UW excitedly pointed out that if I was going to go into the Collectibles area that I had to leave my other books outside. Outside. They couldn’t go in with me. No go. No takee insidee. I stood there waiting for her to catch her breath (I was afraid she was going to swallow her tongue for cripes sake!) and calmly said “Alright.” Then I proceeded to pick up my bags (she almost got out of her seat; I guess she thought I was gonna skip out with 35 of her beloved postcards), HAND HER THE POSTCARDS, telling her I had 35 of them, to which she quickly pointed out “They’re all different prices!” I was like “Okay.” I then walked 4 paces to put my bags under a table before coming back to the Collectibles area and finding three great books…all the while feeling 2 beady eyes watching my every move.

Whenever I encounter people like her who are INTENSELY uptight, I can’t help but wonder what these people are like in their every day life. I go to extremes, ranging from wondering what they consider ‘fun’ to what they’re like during sex. And it’s not just this lady, I’ve had customers (mostly men) who are intensely neurotic and when all is said and done, I wonder how they function (or don’t) in real life. I wonder how they got this way; was it a process? Was a seed planted early on? Was it one incident or was it a series of events?

Anyway, after the sale I went home and listened to a few of the records I bought, took a nap and got up to go to my friend’s Open House in nearby Handley. He owns an antique store and was having a little get Open House from 4-7 (he’d acquired a new glass collection and other new shipments). I ended up buying an old tin toy, vintage postcards and a few other trinkets. It was a great Open House. The owner’s sister had made peanut butter fudge (O-M-G) and someone else had made these incredible cookies that looked like chocolate chip, but were actually more like Snickerdoodles with caramel chips. Whatever they were, I think I ate like 6 of them. I can’t bake cookies or candy to save my life. Cakes, breads sure, but cookies, forget it.

And that was my perfect day.

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