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September 22, 2009, 6:00 am
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• Birthday cake!
• Tacos from Taco Casa
• Breakfast Sampler from Denny’s
• Spaghetti & meat sauce from Ryan’s Family Steakhouse
• Giant Green Apple Big Bite gummi bear from World Market
• Ham & Cheese sandwich from Schlotzsky’s
• Wisconsin Cheese Soup (with bacon) from Schlotzsky’s
• Filets of fish from Furr’s Cafeteria (it was P’s birthday lunch)
• Very Cherry Limeade from Denny’s
• Pesto Turkey ‘Torpedo’ from Quizno’s
• P’s birthday lunch at Furr’s Cafeteria (hamburger steak, macaroni & cheese, salad and iced tea)
• The Shrimp Feast at Fish Bone Grill (yes, they have jalapeño hushpuppies)
• Pepperoni & Bell Pepper pizza from Vapiano. Seriously, THE best pizza I think I have ever had. The grilled belle peppers alone were worth it!
• Ham and cheese sub from Subway (with bacon)
QB’s Crispy Ice Cream Treats (as seen in the freezer case at Central Market)
• DELICIOUS donut from Archie’s Donut Shop in Richland Hills (taken on P’s birthday weekend). Also, fyi, their ham and AMERICAN CHEESE (not the usual cheddar) croissant was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
• Chicken & dressing from Ryan’s Family Steakhouse
• Mini burgers and fries from Denny’s (I could only make it through 2 of them…I must be losing my touch)

All pictures below (with the exception of the BBQ brisket and the last one) were taken at Central Market in Fort Worth. For those unfamiliar with the place, it’s basically an ‘upscale’ grocery store. If you can stomach the fab-factor, then it’s got some great shit. Whenever I go there I flash on that episode of Absolutely Fabulous, where Eddie (Edina) goes to a gallery to purchase some art and the girl at the front desk keeps looking her up and down and giving her this snotty attitude. Eventually Eddie gets fed up with it and after the curator comes to help her and she’s walking away, she turns to the snotty girl (STILL throwing shade) and says “You just work in a shop you know, you can lose the attitude.” It’s perfect and exactly how I feel when I see the same types shopping at this place. Tune ’em out and do your thing.

• The INCREDIBLE selection of cupcakes…and this wasn’t even ALL of them! M had never tasted red velvet cake before, so I bought him a red velvet cupcake. I’m all about sharing.
• The biggest shrimp I have ever seen. I wanted to grill all of them and eat until I grew antennae. Alas, I did not.
• BBQ plate from Colter’s BBQ. I chose macaroni & cheese (which was kinda weak this time around) and a baked tater (always a good choice)…oh and a few rolls.
• Twice Baked potatoes that almost drove me outta my cotton-pickin’ mind, and grilled chicken breasts.
• ONE side of the olive bar…
• and the OTHER side of the olive bar. Insanity. I wanted to bob for them!
• Chicken and Sesame Noodles (duh) that looked SO damn good…and me without my glass cutter and/or chopsticks!
• P’s Breakfast Sampler from Denny’s. He’s adorable, but I can’t hack the over-easy thing. Gack! So while I was trying not to look at the yolk and start dry heaving, he was doing the same with the smell of the mustard I like to dip my french fries in. Simpatico, I tells ya.

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We have a Centrail Market about a mile from our home. It is awesome. And the Whole Foods here is unbelievable.

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