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Raindrops Kept Falling On My Head
September 11, 2009, 5:05 am
Filed under: Life, Lost 'n Found

Well, big surprise, I’m still not finished with the photos. AND to add insult to injury…I’ve taken even MORE since! Yes, I ended up going to the Botanical Gardens and a few other choice places yesterday. What started out as a trip to Pottery Barn to see their new Halloween goodies, turned into a full-blown shopping spree. I had lunch at Dairy Queen (dunno how wise that was, considering I’ve been feeling nauseous lately, but c’est la vie, I wanted their tacos!), then went to the Botanical Gardens, which is just down the street, and to the AWESOME Botanical Gardens gift shop (god, they have THE best shit!) and THEN to Pottery Barn (whose Halloween stuff I was underwhelmed by) and Starbuck’s…and Barnes & Noble…and the Apple store…and Staples. Yes, I hit them all. And yes, I found treasure at them all. Not all THAT much treasure, but a CD here, a notebook there, a new iPhone cover here. Continue reading