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August 31, 2009, 6:00 am
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Another stellar weekend. P’s birthday is next week, so I decided to celebrate it with him THIS weekend, so he came over Friday night, spent the night (we were leaving early the next morning). He opened presents then we watched the original War of the Worlds. I made chicken tortellini and salad for dinner. We spent the next day thriftin’ and going to the movies.

Last year for his birthday, I created a scavenger hunt in which each clue led to a gift. This year I wanted to do something different, so I got him a gift for each letter in his name: re: P= Place Setting; I bought him a set of silverware at an estate sale and presented it in a bamboo drawer organizer along with 2 vintage fish salt & pepper shakers. “T” was the gift certificate to Tuesday Morning, C= his favorite cologne and so on. He loved it all and was definitely surprised by more than one of them.

As part of his birthday gift I’d planned a road trip to the nearby town of Richland Hills (R= Road Trip!), where I wanted to take him to a few places he hadn’t been to before: Thrift Town, Tuesday Morning, Super Goodwill, etc.

At Thrift Town P found a couple of shirts and a really great sweater, while I stumbled across a few books and a complete set of 1982 Weight Watchers recipe cards, a canister to put my tea in and an old Timmy Time wooden puzzle. The puzzle was was missing one of the clock hands, but for $1 who cares? They want $40 for it online (like that’s gonna happen). I love it with or without the hands. And last, but certainly not least, I found two incredibly awful (yet deliciously kitschy) record albums: Marcy Sings and Winning Over Worry, both of which are apparently religious propaganda, making it all that much more kitschy. I looked up the Marcy LP online and found out that the LP was no one-hit-wonder. Apparently ‘Marcy‘ & company. released over 2 dozen albums. Holy shit! Even scarier, the record distribution/manufacturing hub appears to be based here in (Waco) Texas. Yuh-ipes!

[ Click to enlarge ]

At Tuesday Morning we both bought a bottle of Nougat’s Fig & Pink Cedar hand wash. It’s seriously orgasmic. I bought both of us a bottle of the bath oil a few months ago, so when he found the hand wash it was destiny. Luckily we got them at Tuesday Morning ($7) because otherwise they cost $40 (insanity) everywhere else.

In addition, we both bought products from Xela. I THOUGHT I was buying a bigger spray bottle of the ‘Woods‘ scent, but I actually ended up with just a diffuser. I’d originally had the smaller box in hand and upon examining the contents, saw that it was could be used both: as a spray -OR- as a diffuser, as it came with reeds as well. As it turns out, since I didn’t examine the contents of the larger version that I bought, it is simply just a diffuser (no spray nozzle). I was a little disappointed, but I’m still glad I bought it. It smells SO amazing.

I also found a book; Domesticities and a couple of pens from this GREAT line of ‘Pulp Pens‘ from Retro 51: They came in 5-6 designs, all based on old pulp magazines. I got the one from Eerie magazine! LOVE it! Also, P just started a new job and one of the things he is short of is cool pens…I surprised him with a bouquet of them.

THEN at the Super Goodwill they were having a sale: 20 books andor videos for $2. Yes, you read that right: TWO DOLLARS! So P went and got a cart and took the time to rummage through it all (though it was in relatively good order, but you know how some retards love to leave a trail in their wake) and actually found 20 books. I, on the other hand, only found 4, but I REALLY love the 4 that I found.

By this time it was lunchtime, so I took him to lunch at my favorite cafeteria (Furr’s) and then I took him back to his place to unload his purchases. On the way back to my house I stopped by a used bookstore that I like off of Park Springs. I found a few CDs (details in a later post) and he found a book. Afterwards it was back to my house for a little R&R before the movie (District 9) started at 5 (I’ll review the movie for you tomorrow: didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. I’ll try to be more specific in my review).

Another Saturday well spent.

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That was a cool idea of getting gifts for the letters in his name. You are SO thoughtful and creative!

Comment by Cindi

Sounds like a super fun day!

Comment by Terri

I like the idea of giving gifts for each letter of their name. That means if they spell out my first name completely, I get 8 gifts. Hee hee.

Comment by twoveganboys

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