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Men Are From Mars, Peaches Are From Saturn
August 24, 2009, 6:00 am
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Before I get started on my weekend activities, have you seen/tried the new Saturn‘ peaches (AKA Donut peach: Pan Tao peach and Saucer peach) from China? Allegedly they’ve been around since the 90s, but this is the first time I remember seeing them in the produce section. Anyway, I bought a few and lemme tell ya…they are GOOD. They have a tiny version of the regular-sized peach pit and their flavor is a little more subtle than the average peach. I’d definitely recommend trying them. I’m LOVING them myself.

So…what’re the chances that I would have TWO great weekends in a row? First there was last weekend when P called me unexpectedly last Saturday morning and told me that he was on his way over to mow my lawn for me! I was like “What? No way! That’s so nice of you!” And practically as soon as I hung up the phone he was pulling into the driveway. I think it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. He even edged! What a transformation! It looks beautiful! What a guy! Then, as I blogged about earlier, the next day was followed up by a little road trip of shopping and dining out.

Then THIS weekend, P drove the two of us to Dallas to an area on Royal Lane, where the import area is located (re: handbags, purses, jewelry, cologne, perfume, etc.). I’d mentioned I was running out of a cologne that I bought like 15 years ago and that I was wondering if they even still make it. Then HE mentioned that he too was running out of some cologne that HE liked, so he decided to take me to this place that sells discount colognes/perfumes. SO, he picks me up Saturday morning around 9 and we head to Dallas. We go into one store while waiting for another one to open and they have all kinds of stuff; mostly BAD knockoffs (watches, toys, MP3 players, etc.). We don’t see anything we can’t live without, so we walk to another store down the way that just sells fragrances. I was thinking these places were gonna be like the first place and just sell ‘designer impostor’ fragrances, but this store had the real thing. The cologne I like (in case you ever wonder what I smell like 3 or 4 times a year) is by Alfred Sung and it’s simply called ‘Sung‘ In case you’re wondering what P smells like, he prefers Issey Miyake…fyi). Because I am not a big cologne-wearer, my small bottle has lasted me over a decade (without turning and smelling weird). I forget now, but assume I bought the smaller bottle because it was more affordable for me at the time. Well, at the store we were at, killing time until the store P prefers (Fragrance King; it’s a customer service thing) opened, actually had the REAL thing. They wanted $25 for the large bottle (which wasn’t bad and was probably 1/3 of what they wanted for it back when I bought it in the department store ages ago). I waited because I wanted to compare prices with the other place. Boy am I glad I did! When the other store finally opened, they too had the real deal, but their large bottle was $10 cheaper! YES! $15! Woo hoo! Guess where I bought mine.

Afterwards, we went to a few more outlet stores across the street. One was called Suzy Q’s and they sold just purses, bags and luggage. OMG, it was INSANE! It was literally a labyrinth of fabric. They had every conceivable size and style of bag, backpack, purse, rolling luggage, overnight kits, duffle bags, etc. It was bananas! I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without, but I definitely know where to go should I ever need luggage with Jesus embroidered on it. Groovy.

THEN we went a few doors down to a place called J.R. & Co. They sold mostly jewelry, headbands, purses and a small selection of hats and assorted trinkets. There P found a birthday gift(s) for his niece (she wants to be Tinkerbell when she grows up: he bought her a pair of sparkly fairy wings, tutu and matching sparkly wrist thingies) and I found an AWESOME purse with bamboo handles that had a terrific sushi print on it for A. P also found a great vintage-style military cap that he liked, which looked great on him.

THEN, as if that weren’t enough, P took me to the biggest Tuesday Morning I’d ever been to, in a town called Cedar Hill. Once I stopped reeling from the sheer magnitude, I found several books, Halloween stickers, a beautiful pewter picture frame, an orange salt/pepper mill and some GREAT-smelling Sweet Sugar Snaps hand wash made by Spicher and Co.

Once we got back home, P left in order to get to his nieces’ birthday festivities and I started to get ready to attend a birthday party of my own. It was being hosted at Splitsville (a new ‘upscale’ bowling alley that just opened). It was S&M’s brother/brother in-law’s 19th birthday. A attended as well and we all had a lot of fun. Ihadn’t bowled since I was in a gay bowling league (don’t get me started) about 10 years ago. BUT, I still had my old bowling shoes and they fit like a glove! I think I started out in the upper 80’s for the first game and ended up in the low 100’s by the next game. I even managed to pick up a few spares, which I rarely ever do. It was a blast! And don’t even get me started on the birthday boy’s backwards I’m-not-looking strike or the 6 year old’s ass-kicking ‘I’m just a lil’ kid and this is FUN!’ creaming of the rest of us. Meanwhile, I’ve blown out an elbow TRYING to hit pins. Forget the meek, the indifferent shall inherit the earth bowling alley.

Then came Sunday. Here’s the backstory: My dad calls me earlier this week and tells me that he’s looking at cars (my mom’s life insurance check finally arrived) and that he’s picked out this “smaller than a suburban, but roomy” vehicle with a sunroof, etc. I was like ‘neat.’ Since he practically totaled my mom’s Oldsmobile (the whole back end is MIA), I assumed this vehicle was for him. He kept on about how he wanted me to see it and see what I thought. I just kept telling him that all that mattered was that HE liked it, afterall, he was going to be driving it. He never corrected me, so I still assumed he was buying it for himself and trading in all the other clunkers collecting dust around their house. We get off the phone. Fast forward a few days later and he’s still persistent about us getting together so I can look at this car he’s picked out (but NOT bought yet…he gave me the impression that it was NOT a done deal and that he was test driving it). I tell him that I work everyday but Sunday (not really true, since I had the birthday party Saturday, but I wasn’t going to cut the festivities short to go look at some car he just bought himself). He ignores (as usual) my ‘it’s my only day off’ comment and HE makes arrangements for us to get together Sunday. Giving up, I tell him I will meet him in Fort Worth (mainly because I don’t want to spend my free time cleaning house and/or having inventory taken of anything new…trust me, there’s not much that has changed since he last visited 5-6 years ago). I then ask him, straight out: Is this car for YOU or for ME? THEN he says that it’s for ME. *sigh*

Okay, I know this is going to come off as spoiled, ungrateful or whatever, but bear with me. I was initially angry. The reason: he never discussed this with me or asked for my input as to what I liked/disliked. Now keep in mind that in the 20+ years that I’ve been driving, I’ve had only 3 vehicles; none of which I had any hand in picking. And that’s fine. I never complained. I was just grateful to have something to drive. Trust me, I know how lucky I was: lots of my friends had to buy their own cars or sell their souls to their parents to get a car to drive. Being an only child, it was different for me. This being said, not unlike my first kiss (don’t even get me started…goddamn!), I had this vision of what it would be like when I finally DID go about acquiring my own car. I’d do research, I’ll kick some tires and ultimately pick something out that I liked when it came time. {My parents did the same thing with a lot of my starter furniture: picked out what THEY liked since they were paying for it} Needless to say, a sense of cutting the ties that bind was part of the allure. This being said, I was upset in addition because I am in no position to have yet ANOTHER bill to pay. I barely make it on what I make at the video store, much less a $2-300 payment to tack onto my other utility bills and assorted credit cards (I really only have 1 outstanding credit card and thankfully it’s only got $400 on it…but it fluctuates).

He’d mentioned before, briefly, that the lot had 3 PT Cruisers (if he knows anything at all about me, it’s that I’ve been wanting one of these since their inception back in 2000): silver, green and blue. I told him that I wasn’t keen on a sunroof (to be honest, knowing ZILCH about cars, I envisioned another heat source beating down on me in this already ridiculous summer heat: literally a window on the ceiling) and that I wasn’t big on 4 doors either (maybe it’s a youth thing, but I’ve always associated 4-doors with ‘old people’…I forget about how far car designs/styles have come since what I deemed a geriatric “4-door car,” circa the late 70’s/80’s. Basically, I told him to bring one of the PT Cruisers in lieu of the one he’d picked out (knowing, from his past purchases, that he tends to lean towards the large SUV-type vehicles), still assuming this was all a TEST-DRIVE situation. As usual, he ignores me and begins to grumble about how I haven’t even seen this one yet and how the PT Cruiser is a 4-door car as well. We go back and forth and I finally stop until everything dies down and calmly say: “You’re not listening to me.” He thens shuts up and quits talking over me (a habit for as long as I can remember…because I’m perpetually 11 years old and therefore know absolutely nothing) and asks me what I’m saying. I tell him and he says “Just look at this car and if you don’t like it, we’ll get something else.” I say ‘fine.’

Sunday comes and we meet for lunch as planned. I’m already inside, so I don’t see him drive up. When he walks in he hands me the keys to the car and a brochure on the vehicle. We’re seated and end up actually having a nice lunch (fyi: we were never close), though I can’t help feeling ‘weird’ that mom isn’t there. The last time we were all here together was like 10 years ago and just thinking about her being gone makes me sad all over again. I’m not really ‘there’ but I try to focus on the conversation. Then he tells me that he has to apologize to me because…he’s already bought the car. He didn’t ‘mean to’ but the salesman was apparently some kind of svengali and what’s done is done. We discuss the vehicle and my main concern is that I’m going to be stuck with some payment that I never planned for and wouldn’t have planned for had he not bought the car (I was content with my ’97 vehicle). As it turns out, he claims that he is going to make the payments. My fear is abated for now, but I’ve witnessed his ‘no forethought whatsoever’ behaviour before, so I remain somewhat trepidatious.

Lunch is over and we go out to the parking lot to see the car. It’s a silver Dodge Caliber. It’s actually a really nice design that I’ve seen before and have liked. We get inside and it has black/charcoal interior with red accents. The center control panel (stereo, A/C, etc.) is red as well. It has lots of nice features and I must admit I’m diggin’ it. However, when I go to get out, I’m a little put off that my knees are banging on the steering wheel panel, but I figure with a little time, I can adjust. We go for a drive and it handles really well. All my previous fears of him buying something with an unknown (to me) history are squelched when I see that the speedometer only has 100 miles on it. It’s a 2009 model! I fight back a squeal and the urge to soil myself.

So, I officially have a new car. My friends who’ve seen it seem to think it suits me and are freaking out over the handling and interior. I must admit, on the drive home, I too finally permitted myself to ‘freak out’ a little, with the reality of it actually being MINE, finally sinking in. I try not to get too excited about things because they seem to have a way of not turning out that way I’d originally anticipated. However, I’m allowing myself to be excited about this. It’s my first new car EVER and I’m giddy…though the exterior may not reflect that.

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Sweet! Congrats on the new ride! It looks really nice.

Comment by Cindi

Is that a REFRIGERATED beverage holder…When this husband bites the big one, you can be my next husband…woo hoo! I love new car smells and buttons that you push at random until you find out what they do. I never read the handbooke!

Comment by Sarah

Love the new car. Congrats!

Comment by Krys and the boys

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