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August 13, 2009, 6:00 am
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Weird Ways of Witchcraft by Dr. Leo L. Martello © 1969

Synopsis: (from the back of the book)
Modern Witches are out in the open!

…suing the churches for reparations, challenging the establishment, proclaiming a new image,claiming their Civil Rights. Weird Rituals, Black Magic, the Black Mass, Voodoo and Hexing, How-To-Technique. Dr. Martello’s book reveals all including interviews with two witches whose ancestors were burned at the stake. It tells what’s happening in the world of Witchcraft TODAY!

What do witches believe in? What do they want? What are their rituals? Is witchcraft a religion? Are they Satanists? All answered in THE WEIRD WAYS OF WITCHCRAFT.

Comments: I guess I’m getting a head start on Halloween. I ran across this book at the Half Price Books in a nearby town and had to get it. I always was interested in the occult but rarely come across older books on the subject. Everything written on the topic today either has some “earthy” slant or is a little more lightweight than I’d like to read about. This one looks promising on several levels. Continue reading