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May 22, 2009, 6:00 am
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Happy Mother’s Day
Sweaty Texan (AKA ‘P‘) I have to admit, it’s one of my favorite movie quotes as well. We should make it our next movie night movie!

Currently Listening To…
Sarah Speaking of Grace Jones’ body, I’ll never forget the time she was on Johnny Carson and was wearing a one piece metal corset (complete with breasts). It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Johnny commented on it, and she took it off (she was wearing a jacket) and gave it to him. SO cool! I’d KILL to have some Grace Jones memorabilia!

Cheryl Isn’t Visage great? They were definitely ahead of their time. I’ve only seen a few of their music videos, but what I have seen is GREAT. They definitely define what the 80’s was all about.

LCD Soundsystem is one of P’s favorites, as well as mine. If you can find the ‘Tiga Mix‘ of their song Tribulations, I highly recommend it. As far as hearing about them via Gossip Girl, there’s nuthin’ wrong with that. I’ve been turned onto new music from stranger sources. No guilt!

Brittanyyates I know, right? I thought the same exact thing (re: Good god, witchcraft?). Just when I thought I’d heard it all before. What is it about octogenarians that makes them more susceptible to idiocy? I’ll never understand it. And you are SO right, I should have said it was witchcraft. LOL! Can you imagine it? He and his wife would twist an ankle trying to get out. Idiots.

My Future’s So Bright…
Cindi Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my old diary entry, circa 1984. If I ever find some of my other ones, which I KNOW are around here somewhere, I will reprint more. There are some real doozies!

As far as Melissa and Dominic, last I heard, Melissa had gotten married and actually reproduced (I can’t picture it…at all) and I heard that Dominic was a doctor of some sort. I tried getting in contact with Melissa in the past, to no avail. She didn’t seem too interested. As for Dominic, we parted ways in junior college (long story). let’s just say he was extremely, how do I put this, well, GAY (and very immature) and his presence was beginning to taint any possibility of me finally shaking my ‘fag’ tag from high school. It was junior high, with all new people and I couldn’t afford to have my previous infamy follow me to yet another school, so…I cut the ties that bind. Sorry if that sounds bad, but it was a choice and I chose to swim instead of sink.

Cut the Cake Already!
Cheryl Thanks! I always had a thing for Raggedy Ann and Andy. Kinda wish I still had my old dolls.

Very cool that your dad liked The Muppet Show! Lucky! My parents and I rarely shared the same taste in television shows (with the exception of The Carol Burnett Show and Sanford & Son).

Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?
Sarah I will wait until everyone has put their stuff up for sale, then walk around until I see something that speaks to me. Don’t worry about paying for it. Think of it as a belated birthday present from me.:)

I think you DID tell me about your Queen Latifah dream! It sounds awful familiar anyway! God, how weird would it be if it wasn’t you that told me that? LOL!

Foodiephile III
Cindi I’m glad you liked my food photos. I think I may be addicted to taking them. All my friends have come to terms with the fact that I do it. LOL! And no, I HATE tomatoes. It’s a texture thing. I like tomato juice, sauce, etc. but not actual whole tomatoes, raw, stewed, etc. Ech!

A Lil’ Sumthin for the Ladies
Reba That is too cool! I guess I’m coming to the Kelly party a little late. LOL! A friend of mine recently introduced me to the whole Kelly phenom and it cracked us both up so much I had to share. BTW, congratulations on graduating! And you probably did it in WAY less time than I did. I’m so sad.

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