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YoVille Interior Design Update
April 22, 2009, 6:00 am
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Just a quick update for those playing YoVille (I’ve noticed a lot of you have joined since my last post! I’m so glad!)..and even for those who have yet to try it out: I’ve since tweaked and got both my living room and kitchen exactly like I want them (…I think). I’m still debating on which living room set up I like better. Let me know what you think. Here are the changes I made:
– I saw a friend’s apt. (‘Nancy Grace‘) and really fell in love with her idea of putting plants around the edge of her apt., so I copied it, with a little twist here and there, to make it my own.I really like the effect. Also, this same friend gifted me a small dead tree, so I added it to the mix (top left-hand corner).
– I also removed 3 of the rugs that were near the front door and the kitchen door. I like it better this way because it gives the floor more of a symmetrical pattern.
– I added a third green chair and got rid of the little end table that used to be between them.
– Oh! I mentioned to my friend ‘Nancy Grace,’ that I liked her pillar lamp (near the front door). I’ve been wanting one for a while, and had a deal to buy one from someone else, but they never followed through. Also, they are not available in the YoVille stores. I guess they are one of the ‘uncommon/rare’ items that come in those mystery boxes you can buy in the YV flower shop. ANYWAY, she just GAVE it to me! How nice was THAT! I really love it.
– I added a modern sconce over the door.
– And last but not least, I added some dimension to the living room by adding some more bookshelves. I’m not sure if I like it or not. What do you think? I also changed the plant in the corner,near the chairs. I’m thinking maybe I should stick with the original tall, green one, to conceal the fact that the bookcases don’t begin at the corner of the room. Again, what’s your input?

In the kitchen:
– I did the plant thing on the bottom right-hand border only.
– I also added a few gifts that people have since given me: the box of candy, the bouquet of yellow roses and the basket of flowers on top of the fridge.

P.s. Should you decide to visit me in YoVille, if you click on the goldfish bowl in the kitchen, you can play with, or feed my fish (“Fishstick”) -or- you can click on the espresso machine and get +14 energy for just 5 coins a cup! M-m-m! Mountain-grown!

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Sure, mr interior decorator…your place looks great…thanks for getting me hooked on this…

Comment by Sarah

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