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Friday Feedback
March 27, 2009, 6:00 am
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ggw_bach True, true (re: the full outcome of the digital age won’t be seen for a few years. Don’t write them off yet!!). However, after hearing, firsthand, things come out of their mouth, like: “What kinds of dessert do you got?”, “It’s electronical*,” and “O-M-G, his father died?” can you blame me for being highly skeptical? LOL! *I looked this up and it’s actually a word! Insane. It sounds SO wrong.

Meet Chumley
Natalee Thanks! She’s a sweetie…a temperamental sweetie, but a sweetie nonetheless.
Sarah AND my yoga cat snorts when she grooms herself. LOL! Thanks, glad to be back!
Cindi Thank you! I think I’m gonna keep her trimmed this same way, but let it grow out in the colder months. Continue reading