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Blackout ’09
March 5, 2009, 6:00 am
Filed under: Life

*deep breath* Okay, here’s why I haven’t been online for almost a month: My house is located off a 4-lane busy road. Literally at the end of my sidewalk is a street that branches off into a neighborhood, where people often turn left/right (depending on the direction they are coming from). On Friday, February 6th, some idiot swerved to avoid having an impact with a vehicle facing North, that had their signal on to turn left. Personally, I suspect he was either texting or somehow preoccupied with his cellphone, not to mention driving pretty fuckin’ fast, because in the process of swerving to miss hitting the vehicle, he took out the utility pole in the yard of my next door neighbor and proceeded to push it about 20ft into a hedge dividing her property with HER next door neighbor. He also took out one of her smaller trees, a water meter and a big chunk out of one of her bigger, older trees’ trunk.

He was uninjured, there was no other vehicle involved, HOWEVER, when he struck the utility pole it violently yanked the wires out of my house’s weather head/meter base, thus simultaneously disconnecting my electricity, telephone and cable. I was washing dishes in the kitchen at the moment of impact and I literally felt it. Because all the lights went out and the central heat went off at the same time (not to mention the sound), I assumed the air conditioner unit fell out of the attic. Then, I thought maybe a tree fell on the house. I went outside in time to see the kid driving, emerge holding his forehead with one hand (not from injury, but in a “God, I fucked up” kinda way) and holding his cellphone in his other hand (thus my assumption that he was fuckin’ around on his cellphone at the time of the accident).
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