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January 28, 2009, 6:00 am
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Lady GagaThe Fame © 2008
Comments: I really like this CD. Tracks that stand out: .Just Dance, Poker Face and Starstruck. Been listening to it (and the remixes I downloaded from Limewire) for weeks now. What she lacks in attractiveness (she hasn’t got the memo that she’s not all that and a bag of chips), she more than makes up for in style and self-esteem.
The AvalanchesSince I Left You © 2000
Comments: Came across this one by accident (some seasonal help at work brought it with them) and ended up really liking it. Not for everyone, but an interesting and eclectic mix of samples. Kind of hard to explain, but in a good way. You can listen to the tracks over at Amazon, to get an idea.
Christina AguileraKeeps Gettin’ Better [Deluxe Edition] ©
Comments: Never really been a big fan of the actual SINGER, but I love her visual style. Also, I gotta say that all the new tracks: Dynamite, Keeps Gettin’ Better and the excellent “re-imagining” (I call it a remix) of Genie in a Bottle (here, known as Genie 2.0) and You Are (Beautiful) are excellent. Esp. Genie 2.0; utterly unrecognizable from the original, other than the lyrics. May make you a fan of the song, even if you were never a big fan of the original mix. Totally different and utterly groovy.
The Ting TingsWe Started Nothing © 2008
Comments: I got this one for Christmas from my friend Nathan, and fell in love with their sound. Good through and through.
Girl Group Greats– Various Artists © 2001
Deluxe: Ultimate Chillout Experience– Various Artists [2-Disc] © 2008
Comments: I won’t even tell you what I paid for this one. I’m torn: on one hand, I’m ashamed, on the other hand, it’s not available anywhere except Bed, Bath & Beyond (and on the off chance you can even find the title anywhere else, the price simply does not change). And when I say it’s not available anywhere else, I mean it. Trust me, I tried to find this one used elsewhere online, to no avail. Finally broke down and paid what they were asking for it. Was worth every penny. Love both discs. Excellent excellent.
Downtown: The Greatest Hits of Petula Clark © 1999
The Patti Page Collection: The Mercury Years © 1991
Charlie ParkerConfirmation: Best of the Verve Years © 1995
Merle TravisWalkin’ the Strings © 1996
Retro Dance Club Volume 1– Various Artists © 1996
Retro Dance Club Volume 3– Various Artists © 1996
Lightnin’ HopkinsLos Angeles Blues © 1995
My Blue Heaven: The Best of Fats Domino © 1990
Jelly Roll MortonBirth of the Hot © 1995
Big Mama ThorntonHound Dog: The Peacock Recordings © 1992
Sonny Boy WilliamsThe Bluebird Recordings 1937-1938 © 1997
Billie HolidayThe Legacy Collection [3-Discs] © 1991
Comments: I finally completed the 3-disc collection! OMG, I about fainted when I stumbled across this one. I’ve had 2 of the 3 volumes for years, but could never locate the 3rd volume. Released as a set, but always sold as individuals at used stores, this one is worth seeking out. Excellent.
Memphis MinnieI Ain’t No Bad Gal © 1988
Blind Lemon Jefferson © 1992
Brenda Lee- Anthology 1956-1980 © 1991
Bessie SmithThe Complete Recordings [2-Disc] © 1991
Comments: Love Bessie Smith, so needless to say I was very excited when this one came into the store the other night. A guy came in with 2 huge Rubbermaid tubs and sold what appeared to be his entire CD collection. And that’s where all these classic Blues CDs came from. Jackpot!!
Memphis MinnieHoodoo Lady (1933-1937) © 1991
Robert JohnsonThe Complete Recordings [2-Disc] © 1990
Lonnie JohnsonHe’s a Jelly Roll Maker © 1992
Good Rockin’ Tonight: The Best of Roy Brown © 1994
Blues Masters, Volume 5: Jump Blues Classics– Various Artists © 1992
Django Reinhardt & Quintette Du Hot Club De France © 1985
Comments: Never seen this one before and is apparently one of the harder albums to find. I just got lucky.
Sam CookeThe Man and His Music © 1986
Reverend Gary DavisSay No to the Devil © 1990

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I’ve heard of Lady Gaga but haven’t heard her music yet. I will have to check some of these out.

I love Petula Clark’s Downtown! Somewhere around here I have an old Petula Clark 33 rpm album with that song on it. No way to play it though.

I just received a couple cds from Amazon a few days ago: Leona Lewis “Spirit” and an oldie from 1984, Alphaville’s Forever Young which I’m listening to right this moment. I was flipping tv channels recently and stopped on the movie Napolean Dynamite right when they were showing the dance scene and Alphaville’s song Forever Young was playing. That made me look up the song on youtube and I enjoyed watching the old video so much that I ordered the cd. I like the entire cd.

Comment by Cindi

I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

Comment by Face Poker

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