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Friday Feedback
January 23, 2009, 6:00 am
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Before I begin my Feedback post, here’s an update on what’s been going on: P came over late last night and we watched Shag and he introduced me to Grand Theft Auto (I forget which one) on his PS2. I’m such an old lady, but I’m mesmerized by all the shit he can do in that game. Seriously, I stopped at Nintendo 64. And for good reason: I can’t do all that three-dimensional multi-button shit. It’s just sensory overload. I’d get way too hyper, spaz out and die. I just know it. LOL! However…he did leave the PS2 here (he’s coming back to spend the night tonight, so we can leave early tomorrow morning) and I’m tempted to make a trip up to work and rent the one PS2 game I have played: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters. God, I love that game! My friend Nathan left it and his PS2 at my house a while back, and you literally didn’t see me for a week. The game has lots of mini games and my favorite was one where you just destroy a city (your choice). That’s it. You just DESTROY SHIT: knock over building with your tail, stomp on things, throw tankers/cars at building, etc. It was such a rush. I couldn’t get enough of it! I may have to get a PS2 after all. Dammit, P!

I’ve got the day off, as does P, so I am gonna spend mine going to the grocery store for picnic supplies, packing, doing laundry and taking naps. Woo hoo! I know it sounds fruity, but I LOVE picnics. Always have. So, naturally I have the whole arsenal: Yogi Bear-style picnic basket, checkered blanket, etc. What can I say, when I really like something, I like it to be authentic. Also, I get a kick out of packing fun stuff like those little boxes of animal crackers with the shoestring handles. P chose ham sandwiches, I’ve opted for tuna salad…I’ve never been big on ham. Too many weirdo strings and tendons.

Looking at the route, via Google Maps, I assumed I would spend the night at P’s, since geographically, he lives closer to the freeway we need to be one (I’m in the opposite direction). Then there’s also the fact that he’s mentioned (on more than one occasion) that he prefers sleeping in his own bed, so I just assumed he wouldn’t be spending the night, so I asked him if he’d pick me up here, that way there’s a vehicle in the driveway over the weekend. That’s when he tells me that he’d planned on spending the night here, so we can leave early in the morning. No argument here. Things are looking up.

So, that’s where we’re at, at this moment in time. I’ve gotta go run errands, prepare a picnic and pack. I wonder if I should pack my St. Christopher medal? Doesn’t hurt, I suppose…though it does feel like a superstition.

See you in a few days!

New Blog…
Ross- Thanks! I think I am gonna keep the template pretty simple this time around. I still enjoy all the groovy buttons and widgets ‘n stuff, but I guess I have a little more confidence in the actual content now. Not that it’s earth-shattering, by any stretch of the imagination, just a combination of ‘less is more’ and the latter.

Glad you found me! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

Sarah- Oy, tell me about it (re: CSS). I have no clue about it (in regards to altering my template). HOWEVER, I am so grateful that WordPress is SO much HTML-friendlier when it comes to posts ( I should, it’s practically been 5 years now!). I mean, even though I know HTML, with WordPress, using HTML in a post is literally just a click away (bold, italic, hyperlinks, etc.). As more time goes on and the more familiar I get with their system, the more I realize I made the right choice…knock on wood.

Thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

What a Way to Start ’09
Sarah- Well…you haven’t missed much. Only recently did I even acknowledge the whole thing (me having feelings for P). I didn’t say anything before because A) I was afraid if he stumbled across my blog that he’d go catatonic, soil himself, then cut all ties, when/if he ever read what I had to say. And B) I already know where we stand: it’s a friendship, nothing more. You can’t make someone ‘love’ you and I realize that (though it is disheartening, I must admit). There has to be some form of physical chemistry, and in this case, it’s purely one-sided. I am NOT his type, and that’s okay.

As for your other point, I am happy when we spend time together. He’s a nice diversion to the stresses and realities of my life (re: my mother’s Alzheimer’s, financial issues, work issues, etc.). At the risk of painting an overly idealistic image, when we get together, all that negative stuff takes a backseat and I just enjoy his company. I hope it last for the rest of the year too! If not, I’m sure I’ll survive. I mean, I feel like we have a strong enough bond/relationship, but I strongly feel that if he knew how I felt about him, it would send him headin’ for the hills. I look at it this way: if the worst thing that ever happens to me is that someone I didn’t hand-pick likes me, then I think I’ll be doing alright. It sounds weird, but it’s not all about him…yet, in a way, it is. If that makes any sense.

Cindi- One can hope (re: ‘P likes me more than “just friends”), but I’m pretty certain about this one. Survey says: friends.

You know, I’ve had an epiphany (regarding the cotton candy) since I last posted about that. An online friend pointed out to me (knowing my stance on the whole ‘does he or doesn’t he’ front) something very eye-opening: Though I initially viewed the cotton candy (and other things) left on my doorstep as ‘romantic,’ in reality, they really weren’t. It just seemed that way, because I’m looking at the situation through rose-colored glasses. My friend pointed out that had he or another platonic friend done the same thing, I wouldn’t view that as romantic, I would take it in the context in which it was meant (humor, nostalgia, etc.), which is totally true. I just never thought of it that way. So, as romantic as it seemed at the time (I was still on cloud 9 from the days’ earlier activities), in retrospect, it was just cute/nice gesture. Sorry, if it sounds like I’m raining on my own parade (or yours), but I’ve gotta be realistic or I could be setting myself up for a fall.

Sorry you had to work New Year’s Eve. I normally don’t care one way or the other if I’m working, just because I never DO anything for New Year’s, since I’m not a big drinker/partier. It just turned out that this year I was scheduled off, and what happened just happened. A happy coincidence.

I hope your ’09 is one of your best years ever! I wish you all the best the new year has to offer! 🙂

Lynn (Reprint)
Cyndi- Yeah, isn’t it though? (re: interesting) I thought so too. I’m not completely shut off to the whole possibility of ghosts/spirits, I’ve just not had much experience with it all. All my friends are open/receptive to it, so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to broaden my scope of what constitutes life and “death.” Some unusual things have happened since we met Lynn, which I’ll tell you about later. Nothing too bananas, but interesting just the same!

Zach Galifianakis…
Natalee- I’d never seen/heard of Jon Hamm before this interview. I mean, I knew of the TV show Mad Men, but I’ve yet to watch it. I must admit though, I wouldn’t kick him outta bed for eatin’ crackers. ROWR!

Crack Du Jour
OCB- Hey stranger! Long time no see! I’m glad you found me! It’s nice to see some familiar faces. I dunno if you are still over at BlogExplosion, but I’ve forgotten my password and can’t seem to get anyone over there to respond to any of my claim tickets. I may never be able to maximize my blog traffic again. *sigh*

As for Chewy Atomic FireBalls…um, YUM! Sooo addictive, and you’re right, it IS about friggin’ time! 😉

Road Trip-
Sarah- To be quite honest, I’m kinda hoping that this road trip sets s precedent for future ones. I enjoy, and miss traveling (yet I am not a big “traveler”…if that makes any sense), and I’ve always thought it would be fun if you had someone to do it with. Well, more fun at least. I have this paranoia of me going it solo and it ending up like Wolf Creek and no one ever hearing from me again because I got lynched in some small Texas town somewhere. Trust me, To Wong Foo… is NOT gonna happen.

I’d like to be able to take solace in the fact that platonic relationships have the ability to turn into something more, but I have the disadvantage of knowing my life a little too well, and it’s a case of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” LOL! I wish I had some optimism left when it comes to my love life (or lackthereof), but I’ve made of career of being disappointed, so I’m not even gonna speculate about this one. It is what it is, and that’s enough for me. It has to be, right?

Natalee- I think it WILL be a great time. P’s excited enough for the both of us, so it can’t help but be contagious. I’ve been looking forward to so many aspects of the trip, I know even at it’s worst, it’ll be the best.

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