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January 21, 2009, 6:00 am
Filed under: Digital Photos

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• This is a portion of the logo painted on a nearby bar, called the Ozzie Rabbit Lounge. Always loved it. Finally got around to taking a picture of it.
• Close-up of a rose in the flower shop of the local grocery store.
• I just liked the shadow the signage on Pei Wei cast on the wall inside.
• Monster leaf on the cobblestone path at Weston Gardens.
• My neigbor’s kitty, Tibby, taking a break from chasing squirrels. I can’t take the credit for this picture. My next door neighbor sent it to me. It’s now her contact photo in my cell phone.
• Oh the irony…I took this picture of a leaf, that looks suspiciously like a broken heart, in the parking lot of Ross.
• One of my plastic light-up decorations. This one is a scarecrow that I put out for Thanksgiving.
• A finial on one of the fences surrounding Weston Gardens.
• The view from Shipley’s Donuts, one rainy morning, while eating donuts with a friend.
• A water cover near where I work (I walk to lunch a lot).
• The Tinkerbell decal that P put on the back of my truck bed. Not really sure if there’s any significance, but he got a kick out of it, so I in turn can appreciate it.
• The groovy Christmas tree at a nearby Schlotzsky’s Deli. Took P there for their delicious Chicken Carbonara soup when he was sick about a month ago.
• Detail of a new ginormous firework at the fireworks warehouse where P and I bought fireworks. This particular firework had an Adam & Eve (not Adam & STEVE!) theme. Thought it was beautiful. Love that Adam is picking the same firework box (marked with a skull & crossbones) from a nearby tree.
• Another shadow shot. This one was taken at Whataburger.
• A locked electrical box…I forget where.
• Detail of a sign in the window of Arby’s, advertising late night drive thru hours.

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