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There’s More Than One Way to Lose Your Heart
January 19, 2009, 6:00 am
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As I posted last week, I went to go see the “re-imagining” of the 1980 slasher, My Bloody Valentine. The newest incarnation is in 3-D, and for that reason alone, I was pretty psyched about it. THEN I found out that it’s the REAL 3-D, not that cheap blue lens/red lens crap from the 90’s, and that just upped the ante. Not to mention that both Kerr Smith and Jensen Ackles star in the new version. HELLO!

Afterwards, we had an impromptu gathering at my house, where we had coffee & (ironically) heart-shaped Valentine’s cookies, while watching the the newly-released Special Edition of the original. The overall consensus was that the original’s story line, characters and overall creep-factor, easily surpassed the remake’s.

The positives: The film had a great look to it. Aesthetically, I thought they did a great job. The 3-D was above average (especially the opening scene where a pickaxe is hurled through a windshield) and put to good use without being too hokey. There was plenty of bloodshed and the body count was substantial enough to classify itself as a legitimate slasher. And for those so inclined, prolonged cameltoe footage au naturale.

The negatives: Had the film not been in 3-D, I think I would have been more disappointed than I was. The movie was FUN, which is one of the reason you go to a 3-D movie to begin with, but it’s not necessarily something I’d feel compelled to own. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll most likely buy this one, used, if for nothing else, Jensen Ackles pretty, pretty everything…and the 3-D novelty (if it’s even released in 3-D). I’d also own it for the nostalgia of the good time I had going to see it in the theater with friends. However, not all that surprisingly, the characters were pretty uninteresting (you had no real invested interest in whether they lived or died) and I didn’t like the fact that the whole Valentine’s Day= taboo aspect had been severely downplayed, as opposed to the original, whose premise revolved around the fact that the town had laid dormant (in relation to acknowledging the holiday of Valentine’s Day) for 20 years, due to the stigma of the murders that took place 20 years earlier.

All in all, it was fun, but not anything I’d consider groundbreaking in regards to premise and/or execution. Had I seen this movie in 2-D (we went to the only theater in the area showing it in actual 3-D…all the other theaters are only showing is in 2-D) I’d be sorely disappointed. Take away the novelty of 3-D and there’s really not a lot there. I guess I still prefer my carnage 80’s-style. I’d suggest renting/buying the newly-released Special Edition of the original, now with never-seen-before deleted footage available edited back into the original theatrical release or separately, with commentary. FINALLY!

Some things just can’t be recaptured, but a nice try just the same. Better than most and that’s saying a lot.

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