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January 12, 2009, 6:00 am
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Stories for Men by America’s Most Virile Writers © 1936

I bought this at the little used book store down the street from my house. Kinda pricey, but it’s hardcover and I really wanted it. Naturally, being over 70 years old, I was unable to find a synopsis for this book online. And since the book itself has no dust jacket (it’s fairly small, measuring in around a diminutive 4×6 inches), I don’t have one to give you. The book title is pretty self-explanatory; it is what it is: Stories for Men. Containing 13 stories by various authors, the book is more about high adventure than naughty nymphos. An example of one of the “virile” writers would be William Faulkner and his story about an American aviator in World War I who befriends a British torpedo-boat pilot and comes to see the war from a perspective that’s less remote and abstract than that of the one he had as an aerial bomber (Turn About).

Yankee Ghosts by Hans Holzer © 1966

Synopsis: YANKEE GHOSTS- The Door to Another Dimension! True tales of the supernatural – tape-recorded and witnessed by accredited newspapermen and newscasters – vivid recountings of the Ghost Hunter’s experiences with the unearthly, the phantomic, the paranormal!
Stories guaranteed to stir the imagination and challenge the senses, including the adventures of:
• Marion Gernt, the 300-year-old ghost who suffers her own nightmare…
• Ocean-born Mary, the ghost who exposed an ancient crime…
• The young lady who waits for her lover”s return – since 1792…

Let Hans Holzer, world-famous parapsychologist, take you on a guided tour of the eerie, untraveled lanes of the misty Land Beyond the Veil.

How to Seduce Any Man in the Zodiac by Robin MacNaughton © 1985

Synopsis: This book will teach you how to seduce any man in your life – from the passionate Aries to the fickle Gemini to the cautious Capricorn. You’ll learn if his ideal woman is aggressively sexual or sweetly demure, whether he prefers flirting or serious conversation, and how to tell when he’s ready for a commitment. Most important, you’ll learn to avoid those mistakes that could drive him away forever.

Okay, before you start thinking “Oooh, Kirk’s got it bad,” I must say that I didn’t buy this book with the intention of “seducing any man in the zodiac.” I bought it because after reading a little bit of it, I was blown away by how incredibly dead-on accurate it was in its descriptions. P’s, IMO, was dead-on, as was mine. Accurate or not, the information herein isn’t going to change the course of time, but it made for interesting reading and perhaps a little insight.

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