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What a Way to Start ’09
January 10, 2009, 6:00 am
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Okay, I realize this may be counter productive when it comes to getting the word out to my regular reader(s) where I am now, but I just pulled a Secret Squirrel: I deleted the post I put on my original blog (Blogger), with my new blog URL, because I kinda like that I am incognito once again. Sure, I’m listed in search engines and I can always go back and repost, but for now I can blog with wild, reckless abandon.

And that brings me to discuss my monumental New Year’s Eve/Day. If you’ve read my blog in the recent past, you know about the ‘just friends’ relationship I have with a particular friend. You also know that even though I think I’d like for it to be a little more than a friendship, that I’m realistic and realize that he doesn’t have those kind of feelings for me. *Fyi: From here on out, I will simply refer to him as ‘P.’

So, now that you’re caught up, back to telling you about the best New Year’s I’ve had in a long, long time, if not ever.

P came over around 9pm. Shortly after, we made a trip to the grocery store down the street, to get something to toast the New Year with. Since we both don’t drink (well, I kinda do, but rarely…it’s not a prude thing, just never really got ‘into’ it). We chose a $2 bottle of R.W. Knudsen’s Organic Sparkling Apple.

Back at home, we had some snacks, shot off a few fireworks we’d purchased a few days earlier and played some Super Mario 3 on the Nintendo. I set the timer for 5 minutes ’til midnight and when it went off, we went into the living room, where the TV was set to the big Times Square shindig. Countdown, the balls drops and we wish each other a Happy New Year and give each other a hug. I fired up Guy Lombardo’s Auld Lang Syne on the iTunes and turned it up. We poured 2 glasses of the sparkling apple and P toasted to all the best of ’09 and to ‘us.’ I know the context in which he meant it, but it still gave me a small thrill to hear it out loud. The apple was crisp and delicious.

Returning to the backyard, we shot off the rest of the fireworks (FUN!) then stood on the front porch, shooting off some of those champagne confetti blasters, coating the Christmas wreath that decorated my front door. Going back inside for more snacks, we sat down to watch 200 Cigarettes; a tradition I’ve observed for the last 8-9 years or so, along with 1980’s slasher, New Year’s Evil.

More than half way through the film, we decided to take a break and play a little Ouija board. Contacting our spirit friend (since September), ‘Lynn.’ We communicated with Lynn while The Pied Pipers (Lynn’s favorite) played softly in the background. Lynn spoke of riding the roller coaster at Coney Island and cotton candy. We eventually bid Lynn adieu and returned to the movie. With 10 minutes remaining of the film, P said he was going to go read (in bed). I said ‘okay, goodnight’ and stayed to finish the movie. Eventually, my craving for the dip I’d made earlier (cream cheese, bean dip and salsa), pounced and so did I. While hovering over the hot pot, stuffing my face (I’m so dainty), P stepped into the doorway to let me know that he was cool with me sharing the bed (my insistence that he sleep in my bed whenever we do sleepovers at my house, is two-fold: (1) I’m a simply delightful host and (2) Because of P’s height, he would be considerably more comfortable in my bed as opposed to the pullout in the den).

Now, let me elaborate on the past sleeping arrangements, because there is kind of a history there. The first time P slept over, I slept in the den, while he slept in my room. I was a little surprised the next morning when he asked where I’d slept. Apparently he’d assumed we were going to share the bed. In retrospect I’d noticed that he was laying on the far left side of the bed, when I told him goodnight, but didn’t really think much about it at the time. I just assumed he was the type who likes to sleep farthest from the door. I told him that I didn’t want to ‘freak him out’ and he insisted that it wouldn’t; that we were good friends and he trusted me. So, fast forward a few months later, and he stays overnight again. I assumed he meant what he’d said before, so when it came time to go to bed and he remain tight-lipped on the topic (by not breaching it), I didn’t press it, assuming he’d had second thoughts and really was uncomfortable with the idea, so I slept in the den.

Now this. So, yes, I was (pleasantly) surprised by his comment. I guess I’d put more merit in the topic than I’d been comfortable admitting to myself, because I was practically giddy (on the inside…on the outside I remained calm, cool and aloof). This isn’t to say that I thought there were remotely any romantic implications, it was really more about the culmination of 2 things: (1) P really meant what he said and that in turn meant a lot to me. And (2) this is something I’d been wanting for some time now: spatial (platonic) intimacy. I know that second one may sound weird, but I’d really been wanting to be close to P for some time and the fact that it was finally going to happen was really nice. Again, it wasn’t like I was thinking “this’ll lead to sexy, happy funtime.” It was more about the closeness of it all. I really enjoy that, especially when I really like someone. It means much more to me than any sexcapades ever could. You may not be able to relate to that, but it’s true. There’s just something so peaceful about laying next to someone you really enjoy being with.

And even though it took me ages to fall asleep, P could have pushed me out of bed and I would’ve floated. LOL! It was really nice. The perfect ending to a perfect New Year’s Eve.

The next day we got up around 12 (we went to bed at 4:30, for Pete’s sake!) and P wanted to go get coffee at Starbucks. We changed clothes, and went to the one down the street. I had a turkey sandwich with my coffee and we sat outside on the patio talking. I tossed the pigeon brigade my bread crusts and we left to drive around, looking at houses (something we like to do).

Returning home, P had a prior engagement with his father, and I had to be at work at 5. We said our goodbyes and P left. I glided back inside and took a nap.

When I opened the door to leave for work, there on the doorstep was a bag of pink cotton candy. Nice.

And that, my friends, is how I spent my New Year’s Eve/Day. It was definitely one for the record books.

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OMG! I don’t know about this…my feeling is that saying that it’s ok to have someone ‘sleep’ with you is a step down the road to hoochie coochie. I don’t care how it ends up for you, as long as you are happy and have these moments of ecstasy for the rest of the year! Love YA!

Comment by Sarah Phoenix

My take on this is that P likes you more than “just friends”! I agree with Sarah too!

I must have missed something on your journalspace blog re. “Lynn”. What happened last September re. a Lynn? When I got my new computer recently after several months without a computer…I tried to catch up on your blog but must have missed something. I also think that was a very romantic gesture with the pink cotton candy P left on your doorstep.

Glad you had a wonderful New Year’s! I had to work that night. My daughter and her boyfriend were vacationing in NYC and were at Times Square freezing their butts off that night.

Comment by Cindi

Awesome. 😀

(Yes, it really has taken me until May to catch up on my reading. Loooong story.)

Comment by Lynda

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